Legend of Renetera’s “Rise of the Underworld” set will be released on June 30th

Legend of ReneteraA card game set in the bigger League of Legends world will soon feel quite different. Riot will release on June 30th Rise of Underworld, New expansion with 40 cards. This patch also aims to make a lot of balance changes to rock the metagame.

The rise of the underworld Three new champions will be introduced: Undeath Pirate Pike, Time Traveler Punk Ekko, and Monster Queen Lexai.These playable characters League of Legends Make a powerful card with Legend of Renetera, And they are often the centerpiece of some possible deck combinations.

The set comes with new keywords: Lurk powers up lurking enemies. Larker’s enemies thrive when they are at the top of the deck. If they are in that position and you attack an enemy, all Larker allies in your deck take +1 damage.

Image: Riot Games

In terms of lore, the new card will help complete the Zaun, Shurima, and Bilgewater settings.Support card from Legend of Renetera It will play an important role in the long-term story of the setting.

Legend of Renetera Is a free game available for iOS, Android, and Windows PCs.Riot revealed One new card daily from the set of strategic site Mobalytics..