Legendary character composer resigns to develop indie games

Shoji Meguro’s eclectic soundscape is synonymous with the Persona brand: an exciting combination of jazz, funk, pop, hip-hop, etc.According to one new media According to reports, since the mid-1990s, Meguro is entering the next stage of his music career after working on the development team of Atlus. The legendary Persona composer has resigned and will continue to pursue his long-term dream of developing an independent game.

do not worry. Meguro not only gave up our favorite JRPG franchise. He will contribute as a freelancer to future games (maybe Persona 6?). You can see the original Twitter announcement above. He also elaborated on his decision in a video with subtitles, which you can watch below.

Meguro stated that he left Atlus at the end of September and has created other games in the past five years. After applying to Kodansha Game Creator Lab, he was selected as a finalist and received a monetary reward. This helped to motivate his decision to choose an independent game.

“Atlus Co., Ltd. accepted my dream, or my selfishness,” Meguro said in a Kodansha video. “We have agreed to continue to develop and create music together. There will be more games and music in the future, so stay tuned. There are also games I play [now] The work will be announced at the Independent Live Expo on November 6, 2021. “

Under the nickname MegaRock, Meguro showed off some prototype shots of the game he has been developing. You can check the third-person shooter game in the following Twitter post.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the appearance of the Persona series. Atlus promised several reveal streams, the first to target Japanese audiences. However, the next December show may have some exciting surprises.

What are your favorite songs by Shoji Meguro?

[Source: NME]