Legendary Lord of the Rings composer may return to Amazon TV show

Have you seen Peter Jackson’s? Lord of the Rings Trilogy? certainly, Hobbit The movie is great, but nothing is more important than watching Aragorn and rushing into the orc army together or riding Gandalf with his white cane to quell an emerging evil darkness. Lord of the Rings Influencing many fantasy stories and video games. Although it’s easy to prove the trilogy’s critical and commercial success in terms of visual effects, performance, and truly epic scripts, you can’t ignore Howard Shore’s musical contributions.The three-time Oscar winner has forever left his mark on the fantasy genre, and may continue his winning circle in the upcoming competition Lord of the Rings Television series. Shore is negotiating to return to the team and I think he will be a welcome addition.

exclusive Deadline report Said that considering that the filming of the first season officially ended in New Zealand, the addition of Shore may be a major development for the series – The place where Peter Jackson’s original trilogy took place -Last month. The official Lord of the Rings Twitter post on the Prime account announced that September 2022 will mark the beginning of the new series.

Little is known about the premise of the show.We know it happened thousands of years before the incident Hobbit with Lord of the Rings movie. On the one hand, I am very happy to return to Middle-earth with new ensemble actors and new (or old?) evil. I am not against Sauron, but it would be cool to see other opposing forces in Tolkien’s vast universe. Amazon’s top talents are full of talents, including Murphy Clark, Nazaning Boniadi, Cynthia Adai-Robinson, Owen Arthur, Ismail Cruz Cordova, Charles Edwards, Robert Alamayo, Maxim Baudry, Markla Cavina, Joseph Mahler, Lloyd Owen, Dylan Smith, Leon Wardham, Benjamin Walker, Sara Z Van Gebani, Sir Lenny Henry, Emma Horvath, Tyrone Muhafiddin and Sofia Nomvet.

What do you think this TV series will talk about? Which characters do you think will return?

[Source: Deadline]