Lego rejects suits based on Zelda, among us, etc.

Fan hope Lego With the announcement of the latest Lego creative review decision, Zelda and Metroid-based suits were shattered today-and some video game-related suits were rejected.

These sets have been reviewed for a long time-we reported on them in January this year. Since then, Lego’s team of decision-makers has been analyzing and considering each set of proposals to decide which ones will become real products. These designs are submitted as part of the Lego Creative Project. Fans can design potential Lego sets and conduct public voting-those who get enough votes are then handed over to Lego experts for review, some of which become actual products you can buy .

Among the more than 50 sets in the Lego creative review stage, two sets have become one set, and may continue to become the real set in the future. However, many more were rejected, including several video game promotions: The Legend of Zelda Hailaru Castle, Animal Crossing New Horizons game set, Sams Allan’s gunship from Metroid, and the map of us Detailed reproduction.

Approved is a collection of unique models based on the comedy series The Office and the Jazz Quartet. The “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” series, which was neither rejected nor approved, may now be in talks with Disney.You can read all the information about the process On the LEGO Ideas website.

Of course, more suits were rejected by Lego Ideas (the Zelda suit was even rejected in 2012), but fans have high hopes this time, especially the Nintendo-themed suits. Due to the success of Lego Super Mario, the relationship between Nintendo and Lego is of course closer now. Lego Super Mario is a building block series that has recently expanded with the addition of Lego Luigi.

Although Lego Mario suits are clearly intended for kids, Lego seems to be embracing adult suits, aiming to satisfy the nostalgia of older fans-therefore, complicated high-piece suits such as Lego NES and Lego Super Mario 64 release? Blocked. This coincides with the overall transformation of the company. Lego clearly recognizes that for adults with disposable income, the market for expensive and complex models is as large as simple, cheap educational kits for children.

Lego Ideas has always been an unusual hotbed for licensing Lego products, so the collection in this review is based on The Office. In addition, a recent Lego creative set did jump into the real scene-the Sonic the Hedgehog creative project was approved by Sega and Lego, and will be launched as a suitable Lego product in 2022.

However, this is not for these suits. Metroid seems to be a vision-after all it’s a niche series, even though Dread sells well-but the Hailar Castle suit puts a lot of boxes for what the team there usually looks for, including a lot of Easter eggs and kids-interesting Game value.

Lego and Nintendo’s cooperation continues-I hope that one day it will surpass Mario. However, for now, this dream is dead. The next Lego Ideas review does not include any explicit collection of video game themes-but it does include Lego models from the Gamestop store. The results of these reviews will be announced in the coming months.