LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga’s Dark Robot Encounter – Who’s Nobot?

If you have been able to spend any time LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, choosing what knowledge to include and omit can sometimes feel a little weird. However, this has no impact on the overall experience. It looks a little weird when you notice it, and fans have noticed that episode 1 has one particularly special.

First, even though Star Wars Episode 1 is decades old, the game is still full of secrets and other neat tidbits.If you don’t want those people spoiling you, go play episode 1, when you meet one creepy robot.

As episode 1 of the Skywalker saga draws to a close and Anakin celebrates his sprinter victory, you’ll return to the Mos Esper area and catch a glimpse Norbert. He’ll run into the house in the slave quarter next to Anakin’s house wielding the Kyber Brick; follow him and you’ll see what I mean by calling him a “dark robot”.

The room Nobot lives in is eerie in itself, with his head tilted at an angle that almost feels like you’ve stepped out of Lego Star Wars and into Lego Westworld. Nobot will soon disappear, and there will be leftovers everywhere that might give you a tinge of fear.

If you enter the room where the Nobot seems to disappear and break the barriers here, there is a key to the door behind it. This room can then be entered by braking C-3PO and you will see the Phantom droid escape again. Go a little further and you’ll find his body – decapitated – holding a Kyber Brick.

Now, there is nothing to fear. In fact, Nobot is part of a legendary short story. Nobot isn’t even his real name, but an alias assigned to the ghostly nameless protocol bot in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. His story itself is pretty dark, so that makes him a pretty unusual addition to the Skywalker saga, but there’s no denying the encounter wasn’t interesting.

Nobot and his story also appear in Database, but the page is now unavailable; however, you can use WaybackMachine to check. Nobot’s story is twisty and tragic, which makes it all the more unusual in a game arguably aimed at children. But hey, I’m playing Resident Evil before I can string a sentence together, so I’m not judging.

Jira, one of the marketplace vendors, spoke about Nobot’s past. He is known as the mysterious robot nomad or ghost robot, some call him Nobot. He apparently wandered aimlessly in Tattooine with nothing and no one to stop, always landing at Mos Espa again.

Jira says Nobot first appeared decades ago. At the time, he was covered in blood and charred, and his serial number was illegible. The ghost robot is presumed to be the only surviving witness to a gruesome murder involving a pregnant woman. I told you Nobot was dark, but he got darker.

Nobot doesn’t communicate like 3PO, instead, his communication module plays the victim’s cries for help and terrifying screams, which then turn into static noises. As if that wasn’t scary enough, some people think Norbot might be the killer…and the rumors don’t stop there.

Some believed that the dark robot might actually be possessed by evil spirits from the dark side, and many tried to destroy Norbot, but failed. In any case, he always returned to Mos Esper.

While the story belongs very much to Jira, many characters have tried to retell it – so, who knows what the real situation is with Nobot? We’ll never know, but it’s interesting to see the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga join forces with the oft-forgotten franchise lore.

Have you seen Nobot?