LEGO Super Mario cooperation unveiled in new trailer of Mario and Luigi

It’s-I’m Lego Mario! And Legor Eage! And now that LEGO Super Mario is taking some collaborative action, the two can play together. Nintendo shared a new video showing how the collaborative aspects of LEGO Super Mario work. This is the first time that LEGO Mario and Luigi have been connected in a playable way in the LEGO Super Mario world.

The co-op adventure begins on August 1st, allowing Nintendo fans to play together and experience a fun sofa co-op for all ages. Players go to the world of Lego, collect additional in-game merchandise such as coins, synchronize with each other, cooperate to eliminate dangerous Mario Bath enemies and complete challenges for some sweet rewards I can.

Luigi in Lego poetry made a headline earlier this year for a fairly strange reason. Before the addition of Luigi was officially announced, his brother, blocked in red, was eerily calling him. It was then fixed and the reason behind the strangeness of the update became clear. The Luigi Star course is priced at $ 59.99 and has more additional components available. The addition of co-operatives makes this LEGO adventure even more appealing to the Nintendo community. For more information on all of the different ways LEGO pays homage to the Super Mario franchise, please visit its official website. Here..

Are you thinking of participating in a LEGO Super Mario collaborative action? What other game franchises do you want to turn into a new block adventure? Shout out those hopes and dreams in the comments section below!