Let’s play Lemnis Gate, a new type of Game Pass first-person shooter game that will mess your mind

It seems tricky to understand what happens in Lemnis Gate and even how its time loop mechanism works at first, but it’s actually very simple.

Watch the video above to see if my brain is overheating in real time by trying to explain how it works when I play games.

Lemnis Gate is a game about action, reaction, and use of understanding what happened in the previous rounds to improve your future rounds.

It is easy to learn but difficult to master. From the short time I spend on the game, I can already imagine what kind of crazy games can be made. I would love to watch Lemnis Gate’s professional game in a few months and see how players can use the abilities of all the different characters.

But having said that, although I have always enjoyed the time with it, I am not sure if there is enough time for me to continue playing this week.

Don’t get me wrong, the time loop mechanism is very interesting, but this is its full function, I can’t see that it keeps the player’s attention for too long. The weapon handling feels average, and the character abilities feel a bit too familiar. I just don’t think it will keep me away from Valorant or Apex Legends anytime soon.

Having said that, it is still a nice little game. If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber and want to try it, it is part of the service, so please download it.

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