LG releases the largest and smallest OLED gaming TV to date

LG produces some of our favorite gaming TVs on the market, not just because devices like LG OLED48CX TVs provide up to 4k resolution at 120Hz. Our appreciation of LG screens is largely due to OLED technology that provides them with the deep blacks we know and love. However, one disadvantage of all OLED TVs is their limited size range, so LG is seeking to change this with the 2022 screen range.

As part of its CES presentation, LG announces new OLED TV The smallest size of 42 inches and the largest 97-inch screen ever.The smallest OLED TV used to be 48 inches, and the largest 88-inch TV, also supports 8k resolution. These new screens only cover 4k, which actually seems to be a blessing considering the available content and the potential price of the panel. In addition, the new A9 processor in the LG 2022 TV series has been improved in terms of 4k upgrades, which will also bring better image quality.