Life is Strange: True Color-Wavelength DLC is worth playing again

I can’t help being attracted by Stephen Gingrich. Like many fans, when she first appeared in “Life is Strange: Before the Storm”, I liked her. She is a passionate dungeon master and talented artist. Chloe Price probably said it best in her diary, when she wrote that she didn’t know whether Stephen was the coolest person in Blackwell or the most nerdy person. This is part of Stephen’s charm and attraction; she is totally obsessed with her own interests and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.

When Deck Nine brought Steph back to True Colors, she reached a new level. She was still fully involved in role-playing, but also pursued her passion for music by working in a record store and DJing for the local radio station in Haven Springs. The new Wavelengths DLC, as a prequel to True Colors, bridges the gap between Steph’s move to Haven Springs after the events of the original “Life is Strange” and Alex Chen’s arrival in the small town of Colorado. Deck Nine once again performed well with witty and relevant writing, and at the same time found an interesting way for players to participate in Steph’s story in order to fairly reflect her personality and interests.

Wavelengths allows you to spend a few days in Steph’s life over the course of four seasons, seeing her adapt to her new life, and grow as a person as she faces the past and the future. DLC happened a year before Alex appeared in Haven Springs. When Steph started her job as a local radio station host, you would go directly to the DJ booth. You perform the basic functions of the show, such as selecting music, reading ads, and answering calls to get song requests and suggestions. You still have some downtime to activate Steph’s dating profile and swipe your card to restore her love life.

Having to perform Steph’s work day after day has its advantages and disadvantages. Running a DJ booth was exciting at first; I had been waiting in line to play different records, and I liked that the dialogue option allowed me to add flavor to the way Steph reads radio advertisements, but the boring work soon began. I stopped lining up a unique playlist, and the show started to feel that I was just completing an annoying employer task list. This part is undoubtedly the point. It shows Steph’s comfortable rhythm at work, from a clumsy rookie to a calm and composed professional, which is meaningful for her future decisions. However, the lack of diversity in her daily life did not allow me to participate, and I am eager for more surprises along the way.

That being said, controlling Steph’s dating profile is a good reprieve for some of her DJ tasks, and I think it’s a smart way to incorporate player choices into the experience. Sometimes reading text conversations can be tiring, but due to the fiasco of some humorous and overly authentic dating apps, deck nine makes these interactions fascinating and memorable. For example, once, I realized that I was talking with a robot. On other occasions, I didn’t hit it off with someone, but found that I was ghosted. These exchanges represent the embarrassment of dating apps, but also the unexpected connections people can make through them. I won’t spoil the direction of some of my relationships, but I find it refreshing for writers to explore common dating issues (such as poor communication), while also representing more personal struggles, such as identity and mental health. .

Those who are looking for more repercussions and connections with previous strange lives will find more than true colors here. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the strange life before the storm and the original before playing this DLC. Steph has connections with Chloe and Rachel Amber, which are not overlooked in Wavelengths. Many experiences have allowed Stephen to accept what happened in her hometown, and this approach makes a young man who is faced with the first major tragedy and realizes the fragility of life feels very real.

The most admirable thing about Wavelengths is that it stays true to Steph’s character and finds cool ways to incorporate hobbies, personality and identity into the experience. For example, you decide how to make the song she is composing, from instrument to rest tone. The story also discussed her life as a queer woman, such as asking her to reflect on her memories of pride over the years and how she felt isolated in a small town lacking a diverse community. I am very happy to hear her point of view and understand how she grows to be a more confident person, she is true color.

Wavelengths do a great job and can make an already great character more interesting. It involves Stephen’s past and her whereabouts, giving me a new understanding of her role in Alex’s journey. I think this is a wonderful reenactment of True Colors, capturing similar intelligence and depth. This DLC is worth returning to Haven Springs, especially from Steph’s point of view. So many people see her as a character for a reason, and Wavelengths will only further prove why she is so charming.

Wavelengths are now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.