Life is Strange Wavelengths is the End Before the Storm

Warning: This article contains spoilers for “Life is Strange”, “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm” and “Life Is Strange: Wavelength”.

Whether on paper or in practice, Life is Strange: Wavelength It is the prequel of September to Life is Strange: the true colors from Deck Nine Game. But beyond that, this is the true ending of the Arcadia Bay Rachel/Chloe storyline that Deck Nine explored for the first time in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

This DLC is positioned as “Stephen’s Story”, which is exactly its content, but due to Stephen’s position in the LiS part of the past, it eventually becomes the so-called “real ending” of the plot line. Stephen first appeared before the storm, and she and her friend Mitch eventually convinced Chloe to join them in a tabletop event that was legally different from D&D. Because of this, both eventually occupied the front row position in Chloe and Rachel Amber’s relationship, and the tragedy that happened to them.

Life is Strange 2 focuses on a new set of main characters. Although Steph returns in true color, this story has nothing to do with what happened in Arcadia Bay. Wavelengths provides a sense of relief that I didn’t know I needed because it needed enough space to consider the consequences of Rachel’s death, and based on your choice of the end of the original Life is Strange, the storm came to Arcadia Bay. The DLC will consider the choice and ask you which option you chose after starting a new game.

Whether you sacrifice Chloe to save the town, or run to be with your punk girlfriend when Arcadia Bay is erased from the map, the first two chronological installments are the result of staying Humans are tantamount to trauma. Before Alex Chen appeared, Wavelengths explored this by tracking Steph’s time in Haven Springs. Through flashbacks, messages, and video calls, we learned that Stephen first left his hometown for Seattle, and then Haven Springs. Behind her, she left behind not only the doom town in Arcadia Bay and the doom girl in Chloe, but also the more ordinary but arguably more shocking death of Rachel Amber.

I made this point in my review of True Color, but the Life is Strange series, especially when in the hands of Team Nine, does not require supernatural elements. Before the storm was the initial proof of this, providing a heartbreaking storyline that, although reminiscent of daytime TV, explained the relationship between Chloe and Rachel, which resulted in the latter being murdered by one of their teachers . The game ends with a spinning knife, reminding players that any happiness Rachel and Chloeben might have was eventually interrupted by their predatory photography coach, Mr. Jefferson. Wavelengths then asked, what happened to the people who watched this happen?

Stephen left directly. Her conversations on the in-game dating app make it clear that whenever things get tough, this is how she handles things. But Wavelengths is interested in exploring this and showing its audience (who may have played “True Color”) how Steph went from a ghost girl to the caring, passionate and vulnerable person Alex met. In most cases, this is through hard conversations with people who love her, and gradually realizing what she needs to do to change, without empathy.

These conversations are cathartic because they opened up the wounds before the storm in a way that was desperately needed after leaving the game in such a cruel way. Both Mikey and Steph had to admit how cruel it was, how bad it was to go to the funeral for the girl who asked them to “pass the nerd dice” and the punk who brought them together. Even Stephen’s own dating problems returned to those friendships. She admits that she is envious of what Rachel and Chloe have because it looks “perfect”. When you think your ideal relationship is ravaged by gender-based violence and possible supernatural destruction, what happens to your view of the relationship? Wavelengths is interested in answering this question with Steph, and Steph ran until she couldn’t run.

Finding Gabe and Haven Springs and becoming a member of the community, Steph can steadily start over and face everything she needs to be a better friend, eventually becoming the one who silently asks Alex to choose the next song for the radio station. By letting Stephen breathes as a character and deals with the trauma of the previous episodes. Wavelength becomes a legal bridge between Deck Nine’s works in the Life is Strange series and provides an end to the painful part of the series.

Life is Strange: Wavelengths is now available as DLC for Life is Strange: True Colors.