Like past blasts, Epic is facing a new Fortnite emote lawsuit

Like a blast from the distant past in 2018, Epic Games is being sued over a Fortnite emote. This time it’s “it’s complicatedExpression, which plaintiff Kyle Hanagami said was an unauthorized copy of a dance he choreographed to Charlie Puth’s 2017 song “How Long.”

Epic faced multiple lawsuits over Fortnite emotes in 2018-19, brought by 2 Milly, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Orange Shirt Kid’s mom, among others. In general, they claim that Epic copied the unique dance moves used in Fortnite without crediting or paying the people who actually created them. The new lawsuit alleges that the “social media outcry” sparked by these previous actions helped Epic enter licensing deals with some, but not all, creators — and that Hanagami was not offered an offer to use his work.