Like that?Watch this-four horror movies for horror game fans

A few weeks ago, we published a detailed outline of which horror games we think you should play this Halloween season. But there is no deception or treatment this year, and you will have a lot of extra time to be afraid.Lucky for you Game informant I’m here to help you anytime. Rather than recommend horror video games for you to play, this time we are here to browse some horror movies, and we think if you like what happens at night, you should watch it.

Do you like Friday the 13th: games?Check Campsite

It’s too easy to recommend one Friday the 13th The movie is here.Instead, you should pay attention to criminal behaviors that are underestimated Campsite. Released by director Robert Hiltzik in 1983, Campsite It tells the story of Angela Baker and her at Camp Arawak. Angela is not very comfortable and is often bullied by older children in the camp, or worse, tries to be used by the adults in the camp. However, it is worth noting that all these people died in a very, very terrible way.

in many aspects, Campsite It’s your ordinary murderous movie. A group of children got into trouble. They died miserably, and they were all cheesy and performed poorly.You can argue some of these Campsite Haven’t grown old gracefully by 2020 Will the dog die? Before watching).On the other hand, ambitious Campsite This sets it apart from other slashers.It came out in 1983, which coincided with the successful looting in 1978 Halloween, Campsite Try to tell a story about being trapped in your body and feeling uncomfortable with your skin. As Bartłomiej Paszylk wrote, This is a “very bad movie, but a very good killer.” In recent years, the film has gained a strong following and even received some critical re-evaluation.

Whether or not Campsite Success depends on the audience, but this is an admirable attempt to try to do smarter things with very boring types.Interestingly, Hiltzik only made two movies: Sleepaway Camp and 2008’s Return to sleep camp, One of many movies in the series. According to reports, Shields is now a lawyer in New York City. According to reports, he didn’t even know that the film even had fans until he was invited to record comments for him in 2000.

The hook Campsite, And what its fans always mention is its shocking ending. And there are good reasons. This is very shocking. I will not spoil it here, but since I first saw this movie, the sound has been haunting me. Count me as one of the biggest fans of this great bad movie, but a very good killer.

Do you like Outlast?Check Noloy: The Curse

One dozen and one dozen, but the price is still too high. Nowadays, the material media found is everywhere. Its production cost is relatively low, it is easy to fill the jump panic, and it is easy to put the body on the seat. But there are also some outstanding figures, such as the godfather of this genre, Blair Witch Project with Cannibal massacre. and also Noloy: The Curse, It came out in 2005, two years before the first Supernatural Completely opened the genre.

This horror movie, once hard to find outside Japan, is not so much a ready-made movie as a scrapbook that links different events together, telling a cohesive plot. Using “actually” discovered footage as well as footage from news broadcasts, live performances, and old documentaries, mud It tells the story of Masafumi Kobayashi, a supernatural investigator who disappeared after his house was burned down. He investigates the supernatural phenomena that occurred around Tokyo and the connection between them. For Kobayashi, all this is terrible.

mud Never openly horrible. It believes that its story is enough to make fear bubble in the audience, procrastinate and burn slowly before the final climax. Not afraid of bleak. This movie will never let you get rid of its shackles, never give you a brief moment, always use it to hold you under the water. If you are not tired of the movie clips you find, please give it a try. This is a truly unique interpretation of this genre, and there are some very disturbing moments that will impress you.

Do you like PT?Check Exorcist III

We wouldn’t be able to make this list if we didn’t include the “playable trailers” of Hideo Kojima’s now cancelled Silent Hill game. In fact, this violates the Game Players Act.But it gives us a chance to talk Exorcist III, the best Exorcist A movie you have never seen before.

What to contact PT and Exorcist III Being together (except that they are all about possession) is a constant fear of everyone. During your one or two hours of playing PT, you are always in a nervous state.Seconds from opening Exorcist III, A feeling of anxiety will be in your stomach, slowly rising as things get worse. It easily becomes one of the most stressful movies of all time.

It happened 15 years after Regan MacNeil’s exorcism ExorcistAnd ignore the event Exorcist II: Heresy, Exorcist III Lieutenant William F. Kindman, the investigator who followed the Dennings case in the first film, tried to solve a series of murders near Georgetown in Washington, D.C. This is the background of the original film. Kinderman found that although fingerprints indicated that these murders were committed by different people, the murder method used was consistent with the murder of the Gemini killer. The only problem is that the Gemini killer was executed 15 years ago. Or maybe he is not, because it was revealed that this movie mainly took place in a patient in the psychiatric ward of a hospital 15 years ago who was found to be suffering from nervousness and amnesia until he woke up one day and claimed to be a Gemini killer.

it is no The most coherent plot and the way the film relates to the events of the original Exorcist Movies are basically not needed. However, once the movie starts, it never stops.Only the second (and final) film directed by William Peter Blatty Exorcist Novels and film adaptations, Exorcist III It is a master class in restraint and suspension. Murder or violence rarely appears on the screen, and we can only briefly glimpse the consequences and detailed descriptions of the characters, such as a corpse expertly drained of blood or a corpse stuffed with rosary beads. In this movie, there is also the best jump scare ever. I won’t say anything except terrible.

Inevitably, Exorcist III Will always live in the shadows Exorcist. In terms of its value, I think it is worth it. Exorcist It is one of the greatest movies ever, not to mention one of the greatest horror movies ever. But don’t indulge in this sequel! It is easily available on streaming services and shows a character turned from a writer to a director at the top of his game.

Do you like The Last of Us Part 2?Check Nemesis

Well, not strictly speaking a horror movie, but please be patient. Just like The Last of Us Part 2 (you can argue that it’s not technically a horror game either), NemesisAs the name suggests, it is revenge. More importantly, it is about the void of revenge and the length of the exact revenge we are willing to take.

The last part of South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance Trilogy”, conducted by sympathy Mr. Revenge, Starring Parasitic Park Dongzhen and the well-known old boys, Nemesis It tells the story of Li Jinjin who was released from prison after he was convicted for kidnapping and murdering a 6-year-old boy 13 years ago (may want to see Will the dog die? Before looking at this, too). We learned that Dongjin once caused a sensation in South Korea because of his young age for admitting crime, but it has also become a beacon of the effectiveness of prison reform. It’s worth pointing out that Nemesis Full of twists and turns, nothing is as it seems at first.

Outside the prison, Dongjin began to formulate her elaborate plan to avenge and murder the man who put her in prison.I won’t say much about the plot of the movie, but once you discover the true nature of what happened NemesisWhat it lacks in traditional fears is made up for with the true horror of human nature.

for me, Nemesis These are outstanding films in the Revenge trilogy, although they are all worth watching.This is a beautiful movie, perhaps the most shocking visual effect of Park Chan-wook before the 2016 sex psychodrama MaidIt is not afraid to examine human defects in depth, carefully observe anger, betrayal, and what we are willing to do to make our behavior reasonable.