Little Tina’s Wonderland has a brand new trailer

Little Tina’s Wonderland, A fantasy predator shooter from Gearbox Software, won The new trailer shown at last night’s game awardsThe trailer shows more ways to play the game, as well as an introduction to the main opponents of the game.

The game exists as TIny TIna, the main character in Gearbox Software’s popular Borderlands series, which is running a fantasy board game. You play as the fate-maker, the hero in her adventure, fight in this world planned by Tina, and defeat a tyrannical figure only known as the Dragon King.

We also introduced us to a series of franchise new characters-including the robot Frette Valentine and the dashing rogue Valentine. You can also see returning characters in the new trailer, including Torgue (who now wanders around the world as a traveling musician) and Brick, which we briefly saw in Tina’s story.

This premise does not appear in a vacuum. As early as 2013, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was added to Borderlands 2 as a DLC. Impressions to ensure a complete game based on specific premises.

TIny TIna’s Wonderlands is coming soon March 25, 2022. Are you excited about this strange new gameplay in the Borderlands series? Let us know if you think this “Fantasy” spin-off will be as attractive as the iconic post-apocalyptic punk aesthetic that has become the mainstay of the previous games.

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