Little Tina’s Wonderland released in March 2022

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, fantasy is very different from Borderlands, where you can experience the world of dungeons and dragons full of the iconic charm and style of Borderlands. Release date? March 25, 2022. A trailer showing a large number of fantasy elements mixed with Borderlands elements exudes a chaotic classic fantasy atmosphere, this is definitely a recognizable Borderlands game-but with extreme dragon and dungeon tendencies, all the way to the character Table and a board or map with little people walking around. Check out the new game trailer that PlayStation is showing today. It’s here. All this is quite ridiculous, up to a million, this is definitely part of Tiny Tina in the Borderlands universe.

The trailer highlights dozens of classic fantasy tropes and concepts, including skeletons and, uh, giant sharks. Frankly speaking, this looks like a good way to put all aspects of the existing franchise into a new package, because it’s so common that we are all tired of mass killing wasteland bandits and Claptrap screams in our ears.

We do not yet know how these concepts will be explored or realized, but we do know when Tiny Tina’s crazy vision will become a reality, and it will not be too far away! The Borderlands formula seems to match the classic dungeon crawling in the less apocalyptic wasteland, so get ready to put on your robes and wizard hat and explore the concept of a predator shooter in a brand new package. This combination looks very tempting, because the fantasy monsters and disciplines are very suitable for the Borderlands template.

Are you excited about exploring Little Tina’s wonderland? Do you think the predator-shooter formula is applicable in a fantasy environment? Are you curious about other board game aspects that are infused with formula in some way? Please let us know in the comments below!