LittleBigPlanet server shut down temporarily after hacker abuse and prolonged hate speech

If you’re a fan of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3, you may already be aware of repeated DDoS attacks on your game’s servers.The expected toxicity came from numerous hacks and shared messages, but the new minimum is Hit in March When the server shuts down many times due to constant attacks. Recently, another shutdown was performed. This time, there were too many Transphobia remarks using the social aspects of the game.

This weekend, the game’s official Twitter account provided the following updates: “Due to the seriousness of recent attacks, we have no choice but to temporarily disable the game server. We will not downplay these attacks, especially if we are targeting loyal attacks. Community members.” Thank you for your understanding. “

I’m confused why This game is a specific means of these attacks. There are many theories in online gaming social forums about why behind repeated crimes. It ranged from disgruntled employees in the past to angry fans trying to return to Sony for “dropping” the series in an unfavorable way. Although it has been previously explained that there are technical issues that do not protect the game, progress on longer-term solutions to these hacks has not yet been revealed.

Sony previously said it’s working hard to bring the server back online after the team has pulled several times. We still don’t know where they’re going from here, but hopefully the malicious statements reported as hackers are on the decline.

What do you think of repeated DDoS attacks on LittleBigPlanet? Do you have any recommendations on what the team should do to protect the integrity of the community? Listen to your thoughts in the comments section below!

[H/T: Kotaku]