Logitech’s G PRO X gaming headset is almost half off at Amazon

Sometimes even the best quality gaming headsets have features that are hard to recommend to all gamers. It could be a great headset that only runs on a PC, or something smaller. But Logitech’s G PRO X has always been one of the best high-end headphones to benefit all users.

It’s currently down nearly 50% on Amazon, and Just £57.40. This saves £52.59.Our US readers won’t miss Amazon US either Reduce Headphones by 20% to $103.99.

The headphones have incredibly immersive sound thanks to support for 7.1 surround sound and DTS certification. That means you’ll hear more of the developers’ intent in their games than with weaker, less powerful headsets.

A detachable microphone will be your teammate’s dream in online gaming. With Logitech’s acquisition of Blue, they are equipped with Blue-branded microphones that include advanced noise cancellation and ensure greater clarity.

There are two things to point out about build quality. The aluminum fork and steel headband ensure it doesn’t hit the pretzel when dropped, like cheap plastic headphones. The memory foam padding makes it a great option for long gaming sessions, something that many other manufacturers have oddly ignored. Plus, since it’s wired, you don’t have to worry about short battery life, and you’re guaranteed to work with any 3.5mm device, including all game consoles, PCs, and even your smartphone.

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