Loki Episode 3 confirms Loki’s buy — but can Marvel commit?

To Loki Episode 3, “Lamentis,” author Bisha K. Ali and director Kate Herron have set the norms for some important Marvel Cinematic Universes. The god of mischief is bisexual. A laid-back revelation is the general hope that Marvel can explain the expression of LGBTQ + in its vast ensemble when and how, and that Tom Hiddleston’s Asgardian may come out recently and say that. It happens after years of wondering.And now on the way Loki, God did so more or less.

[Ed. note: The following contains spoilers for Loki.]

While on the train on the soon-to-be-disappearing planet Ramentis-1, Hiddleston’s Loki finds himself interrogating his female version of Sylvie (played by Sophia di Martino), which is time-varying. I will. They have a lot to catch up with: who was your mom? Did you know that you were adopted? Who do you like Relationship stories turn to romantic interests. Sylvie is apparently dating a mail carrier in her version of Asgard.

“Both bits,” Loki replies. “I think I’m the same as you.”

For Heron who shared a screenshot of the moment on Twitter shortly after the episode Disney plus Debut, it was a coup.

Understanding their sexuality, how to express their love, may be the ultimate journey of our two Loki Loki.. In the same scene, Sylvie suggests that Loki’s “loving” ability may be a form of mischief. Loki pushes back. “No, love is … something I have to drink another drink to think about.” Thor is a picture-perfect heterosexual person. Loki didn’t have time to find a flicker of romance between plots or a timeline to take over the world.

The decision to shade Loki with a strange identity, or in the case of Episode 3, literally bathe in bisexual lighting, is not unprecedented. Like much of what we see on the MCU, Loki is the product of decades of sculpture from comic creators, including a more recent understanding of God’s identity that transforms potential.

Strange loki in cartoons

“Loki is bisexual” Al Ewing Declaration Preparing fans for the release of his book on Tumblr in 2017 Loki: Asgard Agent.. “He sometimes changes his gender.”

Asgard agent During the stable period of character transition, he noticed the mischievous god and provided a clear button for that change. Loki’s path from a simple evil villain to a flawed yet fascinating antihero was characterized by several changes. In 2007, Loki returned after stealing Schiff’s body and committing a plot and betrayal against Asgard as Mrs. Loki. In the 2010s Siege Ark, Loki was killed, but machined the creation of his own all-new version, Kid Loki, who had the chance to live his life without committing violent atrocities.Kid Loki eventually gave way to a new adult Loki, much like Tom Hiddleston’s fascinating big-screen incarnation. Loki: Asgard Agent As his solo series.

It was a transformation that had to take place in several ways before Loki was recognized as a canonical queer character — at the same time bisexual and gender queer. completely Evil In Canon, it’s just a retread of decades of homophobic media metaphors.

Lady Loki will be featured in this week’s Marvel Voices: Pride # 1 section, which recognizes transgender and gender choir characters.
Image: Luciano Vecchio, Mike O’Sullivan / Marvel Comics

Still, Loki has never really had a long-standing bizarre love interest — except for Kid Loki’s relationship with Hera’s young maid Lear, he actually has many long-standing love interests. I didn’t. What’s even clearer about Loki for Canon and its fans is that he sometimes enjoys taking on the female identity. As an immortal god who can transform his experience naturally, his gender fluidity gives many strange fans a sense of intimacy with him.

Marvel’s struggle to make it gay

Avengers: Joe Russo as a gay sad man squinting in an endgame

Image: Marvel Studios

The letters LGTBQ + are rarely surfaced on known MCUs.Directors Joe and Anthony Russo took an eyebrow winning lap after 2019 Avengers: Endgame After “making history”, the post-blip support group introduced the first gay man in the franchise. The one-scene character was played by Joe Russo himself.

“Expression is really important,” Russo said. deadline Of his cameo. “It was important to us because we made four of these films. We wanted a gay character somewhere. We ensured integrity and one of us did it. I felt it was important for one of us to play him to show that it was so important to the filmmaker that it was representative. What’s fascinating about the Marvel Universe moving forward One of them is the focus on diversity, so it’s a great time now. “

Other than [checks credits] The greeving man, who is not the main established Marvel character, was introduced as beyond the assumptions of the basic Sith, heteronormativity. However, with a voice craving for strange characters, members of the Marvel Family went back in time to reshape the canon and put pressure on future creative leadership.After the release of Thor: Ragnarok, Co-star Tessa Thompson revealed that Valkyrie is actually a strange woman. A scene was shot in which a female suitor left the Asgard bedroom and Valkyrie established sexuality that mourned the murdered Asgard lover, but was cut out from the finished film.Hearing the screams of upset fans, Kevin Feige promised Valkyrie to celebrate her moment at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. Thor: Love and Thunder, Because the new king of Asgard needed her queen.

During that same SDCC, Fage also had one of the male cast members Eternals You will be openly gay in a way that feels entirely new to the MCU. “He is married and has a family. That’s just part of who he is,” he emphasized. Brian Tyree Henry, who can be seen in the first trailer of the movie, has since confirmed that his character Phastos is gay.

This is a departure from what Walt Disney Studios began to feel like announcing the “first” gay character in Disney or Pixar movies twice a year. The apparent moment of establishment on the screen that the Disney / Marvel project title character is attracted to both men and women seems heavy, albeit only for comparison.

However, the fact remains that I have never seen Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seek a relationship with. Anyone, Regardless of gender. And the sexless queer character is as much a homophobic promotional set piece as the malicious queer character.

Overall, it’s not as soon as Walt Disney and Marvel Studios get used to the weird superhero characters.Scarlet Witches — Introduced as a pre-pubertal self Wandavision — Both are orthodoxly strange in Marvel Comics, Dora Milaje warrior Ayo (Falcon and Winter Soldier, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) And Miss America (Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness). And it doesn’t mention many strange characters in the X-Men world, including Iceman, a member of the founding team.

As Marvel Studios begins to withdraw from the norms of recent comic books to facilitate the next stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will eventually need to include more weird content than just dialogue, and occasionally. There is.

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