Loki Series Director Kate Herron Helps Fandom’s Big Incest Question

Okay, Loki Series director Kate Heron knows about your fan theory about the show, an analysis you posted on social media. No, she doesn’t tell you what she thinks about it or if you were right.

“I follow all the conversations on Twitter,” Heron told Polygon in a short interview. LokiSeason 1 finale. “They don’t want to weight me like I do, because I made the show, so I don’t always weight them.”Actually, Everyone … “I think that’s the point of art — it should be for discussion and debate. “

[Ed. note: Spoilers ahead for season 1 of Loki.]

Loki It was a hit on the streaming service Disney Plus — episode 6 of the show, the final episode of the season, reportedly More households are watching More than any of the previous platform MCU finals.This series is a popular source of fan speculation and debate, focusing on the up-and-coming romantic relationship between trickster Asgardian Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his alternative universe partner Sylvie (Sophia di Martino). There is one particularly big rolling conversation that I guessed A form of incest..

Heron is happy to talk about it. “In my interpretation, they are both Loki, but they are not the same person,” she says. “I don’t see them as brothers and sisters. They have completely different backgrounds. […] I think it’s really important to her personality. They have the same role in space and fate, but they do not make the same decisions. “

Lokiset director Kate Herron
Photo: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

Heron thematically says that Loki’s fall into Sylvie is a quest for “narcissism,” only in the sense that Loki is learning to understand his own motives and integrity. “”[The show is] Look at yourself and ask, “What makes us?”, Says Heron. “That is, look at all the loki throughout the show. They are all completely different. I think there’s something beautiful about his romantic relationship with Sylvie, but they’re incompatible. . “

Directing the final kiss between the two characters was a complicated process as we had to tell something about each in just a few seconds. Heron says the main goal was to create a safe and comfortable environment for Hiddleston and Dimartino, and then had to figure out how to overcome the conflicting goals of Loki and Sylvie at that moment. ..

“It’s interesting, isn’t it?” She says. “Emotionally, I think goodbye from Sylvie’s point of view. But it’s still an accumulation of all these emotions. They both have grown up with each other in the last few episodes. She she is him. It was important to me that it didn’t feel like a trick, as I was fooling around. While she’s obviously doing it, I feel the kiss isn’t that real. I think she’s in a bad place, but her feelings are true. “

Heron says that overseeing Hiddleston in the scene primarily resulted in discussing the speech Loki would give to Sylvie before the kiss. “It’s really important and has shown this new place for Loki,” says Heron. “In the first episode, he seems to” want the throne, want to rule, “and by episode 6, he hasn’t focused on his selfish desires. He just wants her to be okay. “

Loki writer and producer Eric Martin Recently tweeted He hopes the show can focus more on two secondary characters, Owen Wilson’s Time Variance Authority agent Mobius M. Mobius and Gugu Mubasa Law’s Ravona Lexalayer. There was. “I wanted to explore her deeper and see their relationship in action,” he says.

Asked if Loki’s relationship with Sylvie suffers from similar necessary edits, Heron asks the show’s creators and spectators to make Sylvie significantly different from the original version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says it’s true that he doesn’t know everything he has experienced yet. “We saw her as a child, but she has lived in the apocalypse for thousands of years,” she says. “I think there’s more to dig with Sylvie. […] You are filling in the blanks.do you understand [her on the planet] Lamentis, and it’s scary. And you asked, “Well, what kind of person would she grow up in the apocalypse? What kind of personality would it give her?”

Loki's Kate Herron starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson

Photo: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

Heron says Sylvie’s backstory actually reminds me of a 1995 movie JumanjiIn 1969, a boy became obsessed with magic board games, and 26 years later, he appeared as an adult man playing with Robin Williams’ typical manic energy. “It’s a very strange reference …” she says. “When he got caught in the game, he was a little boy, and when he came out, it was clearly a life experience. The same is true for Sylvie. She has to go for a run. Being a kid at the time, she had a very difficult life. I want to see more. As Eric said, she is a rich character and has a lot to explore. “

However, Heron says that while attending the show, material about Sylvie was added rather than cut. Specifically, it is a scene where she was kidnapped by TVA as a child. “This was before my time, but I know there were many ways in the writer’s room to explore what Sylvie and her life was like in action.” Says Heron. “I didn’t want to talk to them anymore because I wasn’t there when they were talking, but there wasn’t anything important to me — we should meet her I felt that [history] On TVA. I and the team were talking about how it made perfect sense. Episode 4 is about twisting the idea that TVA might be good in your head. And it came later, and when I joined, I saw her as a child. I think I needed to know why she was so angry at this place in order to understand her motives rather than fully understanding her. “

Talking more broadly about the finale of the series, Heron says the last few episodes weren’t as heavily referenced as the first episode she intended as a “love letter to science fiction.” Early images, such as the TVA cross-examination room, had specific visual references from past science fiction novels, but the location of Episode 6 was more drawn from collaboration with the crew.

“Storyboard artists came up with the idea that the physical timeline is circular,” says Herron. “In the script,’We move in space until the end of time’, and with me [storyboard artist Darrin Denlinger] We also talked about how we could try out the idea of ​​time, adding a nod to the MCU. He thinks it’s a very impressive image, as the citadel at the end is the needle of a record player, “What if the timeline circulates?” I thought it was a very cool image, but it wasn’t necessarily taken from something. “

Episode 6 focuses on the mysterious figure he remains and his citadel. The space she says was primarily conceived by production designer Kasrafala Hani. “I remember he brought in the art of the citadel, and I thought it was beautiful,” says Heron. “He said,’The citadel was carved from a real meteorite.’ I thought it was a very exciting idea, and his office remaining is the only completed part of it.”

Loki and Sylvie at the Citadel

Photo: Marvel Studios

She states that there are only a few direct homages to Episode 6, including zoom shots through space, which directly referred to a similar sequence of Robert Zemeckis.1997 movie contact information..

“And there’s the Teletubbies reference for Episode 5,” says Herron. “I wanted the void to feel like a lush garden, like some kind of forgotten place, and I realized I had touted it as an English countryside. ILM with visual effects. I remember trying to explain to him and saying, “Oh, it’s like Teletubbies.” It’s just a gentle hill, but they last forever. It was, in fact, a very useful reference in the end. This is interesting. “

Asked about the memories of his favorite set during the season shoot, Tom Hiddleston says he’s started a physical exercise mania before the take. “Sometimes he runs around the set to put himself in the right mindset before playing,” she says. “He does push-ups. You know, you’re in the action scene, you want it to look like you’re just running. And it’s become infectious across all casts. There are a lot of footage — I think it’s Jack [Veal] Playing Kid Loki, I decided to do it.I have [shots of] He and Sophia are doing push-ups and squats in preparation. It was very interesting to see it echoing to all the cast. At some point, I think they all ended up doing those exercises with him. It was very interesting. “

“It may be my favorite set story, but to be honest, it’s not sweet,” she adds. “I think my favorite thing is his enthusiasm. He is a very kind sympathizer. We were filming this in a very difficult situation. Many people are isolated far from home. And he brought this warmth, energy and joy to the set every day, and I think it made everyone feel very safe and very connected. Forever he did it. We appreciate.”