Lord of the Rings on PS2: Two Tower Games Missed Points in The Coolest Way

In 2002, many questions were asked about the next major event. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers..

2021 marked the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings film, and it was hard to imagine a trilogy in one story. So every Wednesday of the year, we find out how and why the film has endured as a modern classic and go back and forth there. It’s the Polygon Ring Year.

I knew that during the 2001 holiday season, the Hobbit, Men, Elves, and Dwarves Fellowships were disbanded. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are at their disposal. Gandalf is dead. Everything was torn into chaos.

EA Games has stepped into this battle Lord of the Rings: Two TowersThe first multi-platform game for the PlayStation 2 in October 2002, released two months before the movie of the same name.Oddly, the content was half Ring Fellowship And half Two towersBut at that time we were going to accept it. The game took the strange route of combining live-action footage from a movie with cutscenes and gameplay in the engine, “seamlessly” stitching these two media together into one. Thing..

After Viggo Mortensen appears on the screen, he transforms into a rugged digital Aragorn that you can control. Gauntlet Legend And a little Devil May CryWhat was so magical Two towers Bending the Lord of the Rings movie plot into a video game trend means that both felt perfectly running. And For some reason, I missed the points of the whole series.

This has something to do with the genre to which the game belongs. Movie tie-in games have always been a wildcard in the video game economy. ET Atari was famous for being abandoned in landfills because it was overproduced and sold poorly. The Lion King It was a very difficult challenge for the Super Nintendo to functionally tease thousands of children. Golden eye 64 Defines “social games” for all generations. Between these lows and highs, there were dozens of half-baked games like Side-scrolling Beat’M-up. Beverly Hills Cop Or in 1997 Crow: City of Angels For PS1. Functionally, these are games aimed at making a little more money from intellectual property, no more, no less.

And look, I understand it. Adapting existing properties to video games is very difficult. Developers are given a set of pre-burned ideas and are instructed to pack them into the video game framework. Given the limited concept given by others, it is very difficult to create a video game relatively freely.

Where Two towers But it was in the way it was packed that many others failed and succeeded. The game is unique in that it does not try to tell a “side story” or a thematically similar story.For example, video games Minority ReportAlso released in 2002, he chose to step on the same ground as the film, taking a distinctly different approach to specific plot elements in order to reach the beat of almost the same story.

Two towers Leaning on the Lord of the Rings Instead of pretending to be a movie, “something else,” put the movie footage instead In the game This is to know exactly where you picked up your favorite character. This is not a game that sells you from a broad perspective. concept of Lord of the RingThis is a game that gives you the opportunity to control Aragorn’s body and learn exactly how he does the best combos to kill orcs.

PS2 Two Towers Swipe the orcs in the game Aragorn

Image: Stormfront Studios / EA Games

This game shows what’s happening between cuts in the movie.When looking Ring FellowshipThe magic of cinematic editing allows you to put your movie settings in one frame, from the top of the snow-covered Karadora to the entrance to Moria. Time and space are compressed in the gaps, and accepting the visual language of the film makes it “work”.

Two towers Video games make meals from these gaps.We learn exactly How the Fellowships fought towards Moria’s Gate: It’s in a boss battle with a sea monster that slashes about 10 billion goblins that hit them at every moment between the start and end of a level and destroys the door. Confine them in Moria. I think I ate Bill the Pony again.

In 2002, and to some extent now, I love the idea of ​​adding a few more of these characters. The journey the fellowship has taken has been steep, and while there were many important moments in the film, there were certainly skirmishes and close quarters that the game brought. Combined with the general difficulty of hack and slash gameplay, this portrays a tragic journey and more than just a cinematic flash of combat. If a video game can do one thing well, it can give someone a hard-earned sense of victory. Two towers It excels there.

However, while fighting 10 billion goblins may have been delicious, it was not nutritious.It was pretty clear to me at the time-and absolutely crystal to me now-The Lord of the Rings Is not really a story of a vicious sword fight and a dwarven ax throwing. Those things do happen, but There is a need to This is due to the nature of the conflict that is occurring. As far as I know, Tolkien has never written about Legolas learning new critical attacks or meditating with all his might to increase arrow damage. These notions of accumulating power for yourself and learning things to control your enemies seem real. Highlights of Sauron, This actually casts doubt on the entire video game device.

Sauron's eyes on TWo Towers

Image: New Line Cinema

While playing the game again for this piece, I was overwhelmed by suffering.For me, the method is Two towers It rivals those films by entering the world of Tolkien and playing some of the most interesting parts of the first two films. They cannot be easily separated. Perhaps it was part of the golden age of tie-up games. Enter the matrixWith the official plot elements that lead directly to the second movie of that trilogy Spiderman 2It’s only recently that it’s been approximated in other games. These early 2000s video games knew that games could work in tandem with movies.

Maybe the last Lord of the Rings The game has some dignity and elegance. This property has been significantly reduced to the lore rubric that sticks like oil to games of any genre you want to throw. From self-parody of blocks and Lego games to sexy shelobs and enslavement mechanisms Shadow Whatever the form of this universe, such as games, it has the impetus to make it a universally marketable action franchise. When Amazon’s Tolkien series finally arrives, the best we can expect is a match-3 game. ring Story; the worst is Call of Duty War Zone For $ 20 along with the Sauron and AK-47 blueprints, you can melt people with Mount Doom’s lava when you decide on a deadly blow.

In 2002 we were hungry for something. Lord of the Ring, And Two towers It was a feast that provided us with the best movie tie-up games could offer. It is a high indicator that middle earth is unlikely to be seen again.