Lost Ark hands-on preview-MMORPG in ARPG

Lost Ark It is the MMO ARPG from the South Korean developer Smilegate, which has caused a sensation around the world, letting those ARPG fans who are waiting for any news released in the West to do nothing. Amazon Game Studios announced that it will help port the game to other parts of the world and release it sometime in March 2022.

In the game preview video above, I reviewed some of the game features you can get from the complete game and my early impressions. Previewing MMOs is a bit bitter and sweet, because they are investment games that have a game value of days and months. I think I just scratched the surface. I want to go out and explore everything, but I don’t have enough time to get close to everything it has to offer.

But having said that, judging from the mini games I have played and the Korean version of “Lost Ark”, I am still excited about its release and can see its huge potential in the future.

If you want to try “Lost Ark”, there is currently a closed beta version, you can sign up for a trial between November 4th and 11th.