Lost Ark players still face server issues nearly two weeks after launch

lost ark, the brilliant action MMORPG that took the industry by storm earlier this month reached over a million concurrent players on Steam, and it shows no signs of losing momentum over time.While this is obviously good news for the entire player base, those who play on European servers Still suffering from severe server issues Launched nearly two weeks ago.

The developers of Smilegate have addressed this issue several times.Package stability fixes via server maintenance updates, and Open new EU West server regionthere are many attempts to reduce the pressure on the EU’s central servers.

However, while these efforts do help curb the growing pains that come as new adventures begin pouring into the game day after day, they do nothing to eliminate the bloated population of the EU’s central servers. Mainly blamed on a sunk cost fallacy of the players here, it’s hard to blame them…

The most dedicated players, those who have invested over a hundred hours on EU central servers, cannot transfer their progress to less crowded pastures. So they basically had to start from scratch and leave the time they put behind.

Some gritted their teeth and moved to these new servers, reporting a greatly improved experience. Even so, the queue was huge and firm. Although, it might not be all bad news. This issue is expected to resolve itself in the coming weeks, thanks in large part to a series of large releases that could take players away from Lost Ark enough for EU Central to finally find some respite.

Destiny 2 launched on February 22, the World of Warcraft 9.2 update, and of course, Elden Ring hit the platform on February 25, all of which are threatening to stay away from the popular MMO from Smilegate.

As someone who also refuses to leave their stuffed EU central servers, that’s where my hope lies. The realities of adult life make it difficult to put as much time into a game as possible, even if your work revolves around it. Having to start over in Lost Ark is more likely to make me give up playing it entirely, and I bet I’m not the only one with that sentiment. After investing so much time, the concept of starting over is a tough pill to swallow.

What do you think? Are you putting it on a busy EU central server? Or have you leaped into the lush plains of the EU West?

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