Lost Ark Review Roundup, All Scores

release lost ark It’s been a long time in Western territory, to say the least. The game is finally in the hands of players, although many continue to line up. But is it all worth the wait?

To answer this question, we need to look at the key consensus. The Lost Ark is part of Diablo, and its isometric shots and action combat resemble Blizzard’s games. It’s also essentially an MMO, with plenty of the raid content you’d expect, a large area to explore, and a variety of non-combat skills like farming, building strongholds, and growing guilds.

This unique blend, and the fact that the game has stayed away from Western audiences for years, makes it one of the more interesting games in a world that continues to wait for Diablo 4, or any game with enough production value to challenge it.

That excitement is already showing in the massive audience that Lost Ark has drawn so far. First with an Early Access release, then later that same week it became one of Steam’s most popular games of all time.

To find out what critics have to say about The Lost Ark, read below for our roundup.

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