Lost Ark Weekend | GI Live

Amazon Games’ follow-up to its MMO debut, New World, came this week in the form of Lost Ark. An action RPG MMO hybrid that originally launched in South Korea in 2018, Lost Ark has built a following and accomplished quite a bit in just a few years. Impact at launch this week.

game informer Editor John Carson has been streaming Lost Ark on the GI Twitch channel all weekend. We’ll be streaming today from 11AM to 3PM CST, game or not!

Come watch and check out the free-to-play titles and hang out for some epic drops. That’s right! Just to watch us play Lost Ark, you can get a free item for your own Arkesian adventure. Make sure your Twitch account is set up for casting and connect your Lost Ark’s Steam account to the casting system. Then all you need to do is sit back and watch.

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