Lost Ark’s Steam review score drops to mixed due to long server queues

It’s a story as old as time itself: A popular game starts with user rave reviews on Steam, then things go awry as players complain about one problem or another. lost ark is the latest example; a near real-time reflection of how Steam users feel about MMO RPGs.

Lost Ark’s Early Access release last week, its massive launch on Friday, and the weekend that followed brought millions of players to the game. Many of them are very pleased with the rich content, diverse career options, powerful action gameplay, and numerous activities that go beyond simple mob combat. This helped Lost Ark earn the coveted Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.

Unfortunately, as the weekend went on and server queues got longer – especially in Europe – the mood shifted and more negative reviews started to appear. Most players mentioned the unusually long queue times, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the premium items included in the game’s starter packs aren’t account-wide, but rather locked to the character they’re activated on.

This all contributes to Lost Ark’s current Steam user review at mix at the time of writing. This is based on 45,692 reviews, 68% of which are positive. As more negative reviews come out – not out of the question considering it’s a free-to-play game – the balance could tip further into the negative, possibly turning the overall rating negative.

Amazon Games, the publisher of Lost Ark in the West, understands player sentiment about how difficult it is to simply get into the game right now. The company is developing servers across the region in Europe to sit alongside the existing Central European cluster. More servers were added between early access and public release, but it’s unclear when this process will be smooth.

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