Lost Judgment, where the latest dragons pre-order studio titles for a long time

Elizabeth Hengis
May 14, 2021 11:01 GMT

Now that the judgment has been lost, you can find the lost judgment here and pre-order a new title. But is it still really lost? I think this dragon was able to think about it while waiting for the studio’s new title to be released in September.

The Yakuza series will now choose a turn-based RPG route, so we need to fix the action in the (really good) Judgment series. The second game, Lost Judgment, has just been announced and is already released on September 24th. If you’re excited to return to this world, you can pre-order Lost Judgment here.

Pre-order Lost Judgment in the US

If you’re thinking of pre-ordering Lost Judgment in the US, use Best Buy. They will have an exclusive steel book available for purchase, and it looks really good. If you don’t like the steel book, this is a nice free collection!

If you don’t want to take advantage of Best Buy, check out the following retailers:

Pre-order for Lost Judgment in the UK

Pre-orders for Lost Judgment are currently available on Amazon and GAME in the United Kingdom. At this time, there is no news of special editions or additional bonuses like the free US Steel Book. However, we will update this page whenever there is any announcement!

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