Lost self-healing and tank mode in Overwatch 2 Fortress and get a hat

As part of the 2021 Overwatch League Finals, Blizzard detailed Fortress change In “Overwatch 2”. The first is the visual redesign. The character art director, Arnold Tsang, said it was about remaking the omnic with “more fashionable and modern materials” and, yes, adding a hat. The abilities and ultimate skills of the fort have also been redesigned.

In “Overwatch 2”, the fortress’s self-healing capabilities will be replaced by tactical grenades bound to alternative firepower. These projectiles can bounce off walls, but will stick to enemies and the floor, and then detonate with a knockback effect after a short delay. In its reconnaissance configuration-the configuration it moves around-the fortress’ weapons will no longer spread, the damage attenuation will be reduced, and the rate of fire will be halved. Lead hero designer Jeff Goodman said that the fort will be able to “stab at a greater distance and be more like a pseudo-sniper”, “a bit like his reconnaissance form theme has always been doomed.”