Lucifer’s best episodes are really stupid episodes

Lucifer Processed many themed episodes in its six seasons, an alternative universe episode from the classic “what if?” jukebox musical.So in the final season, the creator decides where to go Lucifer I have never been: the world of animation. “Yabba Dabba Do Me” brings Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) into a whole new field, close contact with the 2-D type, which is a good final reminder Lucifer When it embraces its stupid side, it is always at its best.

The entire series is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Comics and derivative works of Mike Carey Lucifer In the series, follow Lucifer Morningstar, who exits hell, solves crimes, associates with mortals, and eventually replaces God. But in Season 6, he decided that before he became God, he had to help the people he hated. So he went to hell with his detective partner and lover Chloe to help the first season villain Jimmy Barnes (John Panko) enter heaven.

Unfortunately, due to the celestial imbalance that caused severe damage to the universe, and Lucifer drove Jimmy crazy before his death, Jimmy was trapped in the cartoon version of the wedding that Lucifer was interrupted in the series premiere. Most people in hell are trapped relived the moment they regretted the most, tormented by their own guilt. But Jimmy’s hell cycle is unusual, and Lucifer seems to be unable to control it. The only way he and Chloe can help Jimmy escape is to follow the rules of the circular cartoon world.

Chloe becomes violent in “Yabba Dabba Do Me”
Image: Netflix

To create an episode, Lucifer Show hosts Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson won Harley Quinn Producer Jennifer Coyle and the animator of the series. The final result: classic Lucifer Hijinks (sexually suggestive and kicking) in the form of a cartoon by Looney Tunes on Saturday morning.Not only is this a great way to add more camps to a show that is already full of camps, the animated series let Lucifer Do what it does best: combine actions with cute stupidity, and with emotional intuition.

This episode tends to be animated and humorous, just like Lucifer realized that he is a “smooth” without genitals, and can’t swear in this world built for children. “I just like the idea that he has to get out of control in a world he usually controls so much,” Co-host Henderson told Thrillist About a bit. “He is the King of Hell. Here, however, he has lost his branches and berries.” But “Yabba Dabba Do Me” is more than just a visual gimmick.

It takes something to make a gimmick, such as LuciferWork on the theme episodes. First, a reasonable trigger for the existence of the plot. In the black-themed flashback series “The Chicken Never Ends” in season 5, the black mystery is Lucifer telling Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) the story of his past. In the musical “Bloody Heaven Karaoke Jam”, God himself lets the world use songs to deal with emotions. In “Yabba Dabba Do Me”, Jimmy’s emotional connection with the cartoon and Lucifer loses control in hell.

Second, to truly make an effective episode, you must see the gimmick to the fullest and most absurd level, such as Lucifer and God’s chorus of “I Dreamed of a Dream” from pitful In the musical. In “Yabba Dabba Do Me”, this means using all the visual gimmicks provided by the cartoon, including Lucifer being squashed into an accordion, and Chloe slamming a huge demon hard, and he flies over the roof.This is an interesting gimmick, specifically aimed at LuciferThe advantage of Lucifer—that is, Lucifer’s excessive arrogance—seeing Chloe and Lucifer as cartoons feels inevitable, as if they had always been cartoon characters in the real world.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze in the black Lucifer series

Lucifer and the labyrinth are fancy in “The Chicken Never Ends”
Photo: Netflix

Lucifer It is best when it becomes completely stupid, because at his core, Lucifer is a very stupid character​​.He is the devil, but he chose to run a nightclub in Los Angeles and acted as an advisor to the Los Angeles Police Department under the moonlight for entertaining, While living like a Hugh Hefner admirer. He is really absurd. Just as he was the cutest when he accepted this fact, Lucifer When it recognizes how absurd the whole premise is, this series is the most poignant and interesting. More importantly, when the show host becomes stupid, they will fully accept the absurd potential of the series without apology.

The promise of funny adventures is not limited to gimmick episodes. Take Chloe’s ex-husband Dan Espinosa (Kevin Alejandro) as an example. He started the show as a dirty policeman and is also a potential rival of Lucifer. By the end of season 4, he was a full comedy character, a cute idiot in the play. He is also the emotional center of the final season. By making this character unapologetic and absurd, the show host turned Dan into a fan favorite-which in turn made his ending to the season 5 storyline more disruptive.

In contrast, Lucifer It is the worst when it is too inclined towards self-serious drama. Just like in Season 5B, when Chloe changes from an independent single mother to a woman who loves the devil so much, she will quit her job without hesitation and promise to become God’s human “partner”. The whole storyline is a headache, partly because it is not happy. Too serious, without any ridiculous balance, reducing Chloe into a one-dimensional character.

Kevin Alejandro (Kevin Alejandro) as Dan dances with two women in

Photo: Netflix

Uninteresting supernatural dramas are already common on TV, but Lucifer When creators don’t take the tone too seriously, they stand out. In this golden age of television, it is difficult to find programs that can have an emotional impact without indulging in the most depressing qualities of daily life. LuciferIts stupidity makes it a dark sanctuary away from most prestigious TVs. This is a murder drama without darkness and moodiness. It is a fantasy drama without beheadings and plots. The light is dim and you can’t tell the enemy from us.As shown in “Yabba Dabba Do Me”, when the creator acknowledges this dynamic and maintains Lucifer With self-awareness and balance on the edge of comedy, it really soars.

All six seasons of Lucifer are now on Netflix, and some seasons can be purchased on digital streaming platforms.The pilot episode is Streaming for free on Amazon.