Luka broke all Pixar animation rules before hitting Disney Plus

Pixar’s new movie with exaggerated character expression and cartoon background Luka Outliers in the studio. The film tells the story of two young sea monsters who first set foot in the human town and meet the daughter of a fishmonger.Pixar animators render idyllic seaside towns in affectionate details, but don’t recreate the street-like reality of New York City. soul Or pristine ocean waves Finding Dory.. As Director Enrico Casarosa says, “The clouds are a little more puffy and a little more watercolor-like.”

When it comes to making the look of Luka, Kasarosa deliberately moved away from photorealism. Part of it was born out of creating a playful world that kids saw during the summer vacation, but there was also a tendency for the director himself as an artist.

“I’m a drawer,” says Kasarosa. “I love watercolors and I love making cartoons. As a story artist, you come from a visual point of view about things like this. And the way I draw is expressive and ridiculous. Unsophisticated. It’s not a beautiful picture — it’s like a caricature or something. You learn to be very expressive as a story artist, and because they’re stupid, you’re in love There was something about those paintings that fell into. They are funny. They are a bit unusual. “

Image: Pixar

Through the eyes of Kasarosa, the traditional form of Pixar animation has a quality close to that of Studio Ghibli and Aardman, known for their tactile illustrations and modeling.Humanity has always been part of the director’s vision Luka.. “We wanted to bring warmth and expressiveness to our computers,” explains Casarosa. “The computer works perfectly. I wanted to reduce imperfections and details and increase design details.”

Pixar’s “style” has slowly evolved in parallel with computer animation. But, as Kasarosa says, visuals aren’t always known in the studio, especially in the early days of computer graphics.

“I always even felt that I had arrived at Pixar. The strength of the studio was always in the story. They worked with great restrictions on the computer side, so the visuals quickly perfected us. It wasn’t blown away, “admits Kasarosa. “Now we are in this place where a lot has been conquered. Now it’s more about how you use it? So you don’t have to create a whole new tool No. It’s a little more: Oh, but can you actually do it? Absent Do you want it to look real?

Keeping Pixar’s animation away from realism was a challenge, the director says. If his team wanted to simulate a splash of water, the computer would render all the droplets in it — and that wasn’t the style. It’s like “we” No, I want to be a simple and poetic beautiful line..“It was more difficult because I had to regain control.”

Result is Luka The water doesn’t look like the picture, but instead captures the rich blueness and warmth that makes Halcyon’s summer days stand out more. This was an artistic choice that spanned the rest of the film, as the animator had to deliberately manipulate the tools to capture. Luka Visual joy.

Luka Premiere Disney plus All users on June 18th.

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