Luka’s post-credit scene happened when a surprise actor improvised too much

1/3 of Luka, Pixar’s latest Disney plus-Exclusive release, the renowned young sea monster meets his strange uncle Urgo, a clear deep-sea resident who enjoys the dark and quiet places of the ocean floor. Urgo is strange even to sea monsters, and he roams many times about how much he loves the lack of the deep sea. Although undetectable immediately, creatures like anglerfish have been revived by everyone but Sacha Baron Cohen.

Luke’s parents call on Urgo in the hope of sending his son to the seabed and discouraging his curiosity in the human world.However, according to Enrico Casarosa, Urgo character Initially. He represented everything Luke was afraid of and was not originally in a very concrete form.

“We needed Luke’s worst nightmare.” Well, what’s the worst nightmare for a curious kid? “It seemed nothing. darkness. “Black,” says Kasarosa. “So we started thinking deeply. So we asked,” How do you anthropomorphize it? “Do we have a moment of imagination? [where] Imagine he’s there? I even got in before making everything a character.. this What happens if you live there? “

Potential asylum to the depths of the sea only encourages Luke to leave home and venture to the surface with his best friend Alberto. This is the last time Uncle Urgo sees it during the movie, but Cohen did a lot for the character, so Luka The team decided to include a post-credit scene featuring Uncle Urgo swimming deep and hanging around himself.

“It was fun to see,” says Kasarosa. “”[Cohen] Coming in, he was so improvised, so we put a little button at the end of the movie and even included a lot of the improvisations he did for us because he was so much fun. “

Luka It has come out Disney plus now.

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