Madden 22 is the best choice for sliders and realistic games

The Madden 22 slider allows you to customize the match to suit almost any game style.

They are ideal if you are a novice and need a little help to learn ropes, but they are also the best way to create a realistic NFL football game. This is how to do it.

Madden 22 slider | What is the slider in Madden 22

The Madden slider can adjust almost every aspect of the game, from the ease of passing the ball to setting a quarter length, customizing free throws, and so on. Most players use sliders to create a Madden experience that is as close as possible to a real football game, but if you just want an easy game, they can also allow you to build an incredible team.

How to adjust the slider in Madden 22

You can only adjust the slider from the main menu. Navigate to the gear icon and select the setting you want to adjust.

Madden 22 Slider | Game Options Slider

The only important thing here is the style of the game. If you want to be as close to the real NFL experience as possible, simulation is the best choice. The rest, such as game time and fatigue, depend on your style and how much time you have at the time.

However, if you want the most realistic game, we recommend you to do so.

Madden 22 slider | Madden 22 realistic settings

Game options environment
Quarter length 10 minutes
Play clock exist
Speed ​​up the clock On (this will reduce the extra time you get from the quick selection game)
Minimum playback clock time 20 seconds
Hurt 15
fatigue 60
Player speed parity ratio 50

Madden 22 free throw slider

punish environment
Offside 80
Wrong start 60
Illegal block behind 60
Rough passer 40
Offensive Holdings 70
Defensive holding 70
Facial mask 50
Defensive pass interference 70

Madden 22 player skill slider

Skill environment
QB accuracy Players: 30, CPU: 10
Pass interception Players: 20, CPU: 35
WR capture Player: 55, CPU: 45
Pass range Player: 60, CPU: 60
Tackle 60. CPU: 55
Run blocking Players: 40, CPU: 70
Groping Player: 75, CPU: 65
Reaction time through defense Player: 70, CPU: 70
Intercept Players: 25, CPU: 60

Madden 22 kick and kick slider

Slider environment
FG power supply Player: 40, CPU: 50
Final accuracy Player: 30, CPU: 35
Flat bottom boat power Player: 50, CPU: 50
Accuracy of punts Player: 55, CPU: 70
Starting power Player: 60, CPU: 60

That’s all you need to know about the Madden 22 slider, but we also provide the best Madden 22 defensive manual and the best offensive manual to make the most of any settings you choose. Make sure to also review your quick sales and training value.