Madden 22 training value and how to get more training points

Understanding the value of Madden 22 training is the key to getting the most training points from sales.

You need these points to upgrade your best players and have a half chance to succeed in Madden Ultimate Team mode. Fortunately, the more you play, you may end up selling a lot of cards in exchange for training points.

Madden 22 training value | How to get Madden 22 training point

You can earn training points by completing MUT challenges, but this is not the best or easiest way to earn points. For starters, not all MUT challenges provide training points. Another obvious question is how long it takes to complete the challenge and obtain the required points.

The best option to get training points is through Madden 22’s fast sales, you need a card. Purchasing them is our least recommended option because you can get them by playing online matches or completing challenges to play the game normally.

Once you save some cards you don’t want to keep, you can sell them to get training points. You can also buy them at auctions, although in these things, your chances of finding good prices on valuable cards are naturally quite random.

Madden 22 training value | Madden 22 fast sales training value

These are Madden 22 quick sales training values ​​based on the card level

Card ranking Training point
62-65 4
66-69 6
70 10
71 12
72 15
73 18
74 twenty one
75 26
76 31
77 38
78 46
79 56
80 110
81 160
82 230
83 340
84 490
85 710
86 1,030
87 1,500
88 2,180
89 3,150
90 5,000
91 7,000

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