Madden NFL 22 Scouting Update: What You Need to Know

Madden Rugby 22of The latest patch is a big patchIn fact, it’s hard to remember that the title update after the last release added a whole new game loop to the main franchise model, just as detailed.

But, a year after the #FixFranchise social media rebellion attracted EA Tiburon’s attention, will the Scouting update now available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden finally satisfy the series’ unstable foundation?

“We don’t want – your words, not mine – they will’leave us,'” senior producer Mike Mahal told Polygon last week. “We believe that the community is absolutely at the core of the success and popularity of the game, and we hope they can make the same request. This is absolutely fair.”

Maybe, but Mahar and franchise producer Tom Lischke still want players Find a lot in reconnaissance Overcome their difficulties and deepen the emergency narrative they established in the multi-season mode. Basically, scouts should make the NFL draft a game loop throughout the season, similar to draft news that is a year-long story of IRL.

How Scouting in Madden Works

The Scouting update first expanded the staff management tasks that Franchise launched this year, including hiring and firing assistant coaches. In this case, the player will build a team of scouts with expertise in the country or region, as well as expertise in evaluating specific positions.

The better the scouts, the more they can discover the players’ background and potential. Users assign scouts to their tasks in the first half of the season; at the midpoint, they can choose three potential clients for intensive training, where they can unlock most of the player’s profiles to determine where (or whether) they should be Choose them. Obviously, a good scouting job will isolate the scum (or ignore the players who were selected before you were selected) and establish up to three prospects worthy of attention.

Lischke says Madden Football League twenty twoThe draft course generators have gone through thousands of simulations every year to evaluate their balance, their sense of realism, and whether they have produced players who are interested in scouts. I was a little joking, but a little serious asked whether this fictional name generator is the same as the previous Maddens, where world-class GOAT names like “Wolverine Justice” and “Hadrian Bellweather” are in their Become the fan’s favorite character in the movie. Own rights. It sounds like the game is still drawing inspiration from that library of possibilities. (“I know Andre has some surprises [Weingarten, Franchise designer] Hide there,” Lischke said.)

Lischke said that the higher priority is to make Scouting’s investigation process feel more natural, rather than just checking boxes and revealing information piecemeal. “We want it to be a unified thing,” Lischke said, which means that the scouting mission fits into the overall “story” created by field operations and other departments of the football club.

“It’s not just you, for example, beating a running back in the draft and getting all the information,” Lischke said. “This is a way of gradually unfolding player information. You can’t give it all at once. We don’t even allow you to spend a lot of time on any individual thing.”

Players must also pay attention to how much they pay attention to certain potential customers, especially if they are part of a multiplayer league and are trying to steal a player’s jewel in the NFL’s seven-round draft. “Draft Stories” will become part of the news feed Madden Rugby 22 Generate information about the ongoing season. Lischke said that players will read the development that affects the more obvious prospects, and the team that shows interest will be one of them.

Madden Rugby 22 It will also try to imitate real life by generating draft courses that may be unusually deep in one position or thin in another (or controlled by only an outstanding athlete). “Not all years are created equal,” Lischke said. “For an NFL team, [positional] Need and then have the best player, right? Walking this line will run counter to your understanding of draft classes. This is one of the interesting things that more casual franchise game players may not distinguish.

“But it should still be interesting,” Lischke elaborated. “They can make the kind of demand-based [pick], And deeper or more experienced franchise players will know the value of the best products [player] with [they] It is acceptable and tolerable to leave some weaknesses and try to support them in the future. “

Some players, no matter how much they play Madden NFL 22 Or any other franchise model of sports video games, does not care about player management at this level at all. It’s ok. The developers of Lischke and EA Tiburon specifically proposed the option of “set it and forget it” to serve those players who are closed due to spending a lot of time on the menu.

However, for those dedicated to reconnaissance, Lischke hopes that the game loop of decision-making, inspection, and information unlocking will be enough to attract players to participate, especially because it has been going on for more than a year and there are other game problems, not just During the off-season when users are also concerned about free agent signing. Most importantly, Lischke hopes that scouting feels like a basic part of the Franchise game routine, not just another bunch of data that allows players to filter offline in a notebook.

“When the label [#FixFranchise] What happened last year was like, well, let’s be honest with ourselves, look at the state of the franchise, and make a roadmap that we want to provide to fans,” Lischke said. “We did some quality of life things. [Madden NFL] twenty one. exist twenty two, Released, we went to some core systems, and even some systems, and we heard some feedback “Well, this is just something you had before.”

“But I think our approach is different from what we have done in the past,” Lischke argued. “So, what is the core playback loop? Let us build on this and make sure that what we build is relevant to the core gameplay you get in the game[n in-game] Go out a week. You make your strategy, you play a game, you stand out from it, you improve your employees. This is the cycle, over and over again, the weeks that are connected together will accumulate to a few years. “