Madden NFL video game deletes Jon Gruden via racist email

NFL players who are kicked out of the team for bad behavior are often kicked out of Madden NFL video games to some extent. The game maintains an official roster for ranking competitions, which reflects who is active in the real world and who is not in the real world. But it seems that for the first time, EA Sports pulled a coach off its virtual sidelines.

That would be a disgrace to the former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, Jon Gruden, who resigned on Monday after prolonged racism, sexism, homophobia and other ugly emails. . exposure. The email is Part of the Alliance Investigation Into the Washington football team’s own toxic workplace; some are listed Court documents in irrelevant litigation.

on Wednesday, Official Madden NFL Twitter account announced Game developers will replace Gruden with a general coach. In real life, the interim head coach of the Raiders is Rich Bisaccia (Rich Bisaccia), who was the club’s task force coordinator. Head coaches-just like players-have permission to use their image and likeness in Madden NFL and get paid. (One notable exception is Bill Belichick of New England, who does not want to participate in the game.)

The coordinator and assistant coach are currently only available in name, so if Bisaccia serves as the Raiders coach for the rest of the season, EA Sports must establish a role model in addition to his permission.

Gruden’s end may not affect career models that are already in progress, or those that started when he was on the roster. We have contacted EA Sports to understand this more clearly. Madden NFL franchise players can choose to control a team as their head coach in real life, or create their own head coach. They can also play for the coach in a single-player career, or hire or fire him as the owner of the team in the same way.

Athletes who were suspended due to suspected criminal activity or serious misconduct have previously been completely removed from Madden (although they are still part of the professional save file that was started before the player was patched). In 2014, Relais, then a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was suspended indefinitely after seeing him hit his fiancée on the head with a fist in a security video. EA Sports deleted him from the Madden NFL Ultimate Team player pool. , and also.