Magic: Legend is shutting down

Magic: Legend, Magic: The free ARPG set in The Gathering Universe will be completely shut down on October 31, 2021. If this seems really fast, you’re right. The game is technically never even out of beta. It was for official launch, and there was no planned console launch on Xbox or PlayStation. On the plus side, if you play at the Epic Games Store or the Arc Launcher, you’ll get a full refund of all your purchases.

While we can infinitely theorize the many factors that shaped the pre-launch shutdown decision, there were certainly many expectations and possibilities for the core philosophy of Magic: The Gathering in an ARPG format. .. On the cover story journey, I was fascinated by many components of the game, including using the AI ​​director to create enhanced actions. You can see the cover story and features here.

But in the end, it can be inferred that the lack of player retention, the monetization model, the lack of endgame content, the choice of gear system, and the low diversity of activities all contribute in some way. I don’t really know. There’s room for additional speculation as the game never actually went on sale, but I’d rather keep things in the real world and the passionate team behind them “did not ignite.” Says it was a really cool idea, “sparks” due to various factors after it was unleashed in reality. I wish I could see the launch, but what could I have done by modifying the course? However, turning when a ship departs is a very difficult (and often impossible) task in the game.

Feel free to take a look at the hours of gameplay that is still in beta here. YouTube channel. You can also read the FAQ about the entire statement and shutdown. On the official website.

Magic: Did you play Legends? Did you plan to check out at the console? Let us know in the comments!