Magic: The Gathering celebrates bloody vampire wedding with scarlet vows

The latest Magic: The Gathering Set: The preview season of Innistrad: The Scarlet Oath begins today. Wizards of the Coast has just finished a stream, showing all the basics of the upcoming expansion, the second set takes place on the plane of Innistrad this year. What happened to the Scarlet Oath? What mechanics can players expect? Is there anything exciting for card collectors? Look no further! You can find all these answers below.

The legend of the Crimson Oath

In a recent unprecedented move, WOTC will release its fifth standard law collection this year, as well as a sequel to the previous episode, Midnight Hunt. Innistrad’s horror settings and metaphors are very popular among Magic players. We didn’t have quick access to the planes, but got two full expansions; each focused on the more popular tribes in the world: the werewolves, now focused on vampires in the Scarlet Oath.

Continuing the story of the midnight hunt, mankind failed to prevent the plane from falling into the eternal night, and vampires are ready to thrive in the endless darkness. The leader of the vampire clan, Olivia Volderan (Olivia Volderan) took away an artifact called the Moon Silver Key, a component needed to restore the plane to daylight. Of course, as a nightcrawler, Olivia would instead use this key to gain power and influence in the vampire clan.

Olivia Voldaren and her wedding dress, wearing a veil made of soul

Reminder of the crux of the Scarlet Oath: Olivia Vodaran and another bloodthirsty family leader, long-sleeping Edgar Markov (the ancestor of all Innistrad vampires) held a gorgeous vampire wedding . Marrying Edgar and uniting the two most outstanding vampire families will put Olivia Waldalen in an incredible position.

The planeswalkers of Innistrad return during the Midnight Hunt, but those who do not have the cards of the series will appear in the Crimson Oath. Look forward to the new planeswalker cards of Chandra, Kaya and the vampire planeswalker Solinmarkov, with Teferi, Arlencord, and perhaps Renn playing roles in the story. Can the heroic group of planeswalkers stop Olivia’s plan, regain the Moon Silver Key, and restore Innistrad’s balance? The answer will most likely be found in the card.

The mechanism of the Crimson Pledge

Some mechanics will return to bridge the gap with midnight hunting, including disturbance and day travel/night travel, you can learn about them here. The third mechanic is technically counted as a returning mechanic, even though it is entirely from another plane…


Returning to Magic from the environment of the Khan of Tarkir is a simple but interesting mechanism: utilization. Cards with holes allow players to sacrifice a creature they control to produce an effect. Although the keyword needs to consume a creature on your board to be consumed, you will benefit from the effects detailed on the Exploit card, as well as allowing you to use any sacrifices or graveyard synergies that your deck may revolve around. In the case of Fell Stinger, Exploit allows the target player to draw two cards and lose two lives.

Now let’s take a look at the new mechanics that debuted in “Scarlet Oath”:

Blood token

These artifact tokens belong to similar families with clues, food or treasure. Blood tokens are an artifact. You can pay a mana, tap, discard a card, and then sacrifice the token to draw a card. In terms of mana, although you have to lose something from your hand, it is cheaper than a clue to draw a card. However, among the many strategies in the Innistrad series, you sometimes want to put your cards in the graveyard for more ambitious purposes. I hope to use these blood tokens to put a large number of interference cards into the graveyard.


The Wizards found a more interesting way to reduce the number of characters on the card. Cleave allows players to delete the words in parentheses in the card’s rule text in exchange for replacing mana.

This is an example: Mining is a green mana card that says “Search in your library [basic land] card, [reveal it,] Put it in your hand and shuffle the cards. “If you pay the four mana homeopathic slash cost, you ignore the brackets to make this card become “Search for a card from your library, put it in your hand, and then shuffle the card.” Searched The card no longer needs to be a basic land, and you don’t have to show it. Find any card and place it in your hand-this is a very powerful upgrade. I am very happy to see that Cleave will reveal hidden in Crimson Vow Other cool effects in other cards.


After human beings completely lost their daytime on the plane, and were overwhelmed by Innistrad’s horrors and monsters, they needed an uphill battle. The new keyword training will definitely help strengthen their power. The training rule text reads: “Whenever this creature attacks another creature with more powerful power, place a +1/+1 counter on this creature.” This is a bit like the 2018 Ravnica Guild Reverse mentor. Some creatures also have additional benefits when “training”, such as Orenbeck’s savior, every time the effect is triggered, it will exile a creature from the battlefield or graveyard.

Display stand and alternative art processing

Crimson Vow’s vampire-only Showcase frames are seriously inclined to the luxury of this type of creature and Olivia’s upcoming wedding. The Wizards call this new treatment “Fang Frame”, which is characterized by fang-like decorations and gorgeous filigree around the artistic border.

One of the most exciting is the box version of Sorin The Mirthless, where you can keep your eyes on it. Your eyes will not lie to you, Sorin is indeed a bit like Alucard. That’s because the famous Castlevania artist, Ayami Kojima, was hired to paint everyone’s favorite vampire prince. She absolutely knocked it out of the park!

The eternal night card in black and white horror style also returns from the midnight hunt and features legendary non-vampire creatures. You can see below that the replacement is Thalia, the guardian of Thraben, who has returned to the standard for the first time in nearly a decade! You can also find 10 basic land cards with new patterns in this style in the booster pack.

All of the above art therapies can be found in any Innistrad: Crimson Oath booster pack. Whether it’s a draft, a set, a theme or a collector’s booster; you have the opportunity to extract these great versions from anywhere.

Dracula series

2020 Ikoria: Behemoth’s Lair marks the first use of artistic alternative naming cards from non-Magic property that have Godzilla characters printed on them. With Crimson Vow, the Wizards are taking advantage of Dracula, the most iconic vampire ever. These alternative art and alternative naming cards are functional copies of the Crimson Oath cards in the universe, and only these cards have the names and art of the characters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. The picture above is the transformed version of Thorin, that is, Dracula himself, and the picture below is the sister of the dead, Olivia, the Scarlet Bride from the Dracula series.

Over the years, Dracula has been interpreted in many ways in countless movies, TV shows, games and books. The Wizards drew art direction from the original novel, so every detail of each character is taken from the text written by Bram Stoker himself.

These cards can only be found in two places: the collector’s booster pack and the box gift box of the booster pack. Any type of enhancer box will come with a Dracula series card.


Crimson Vow’s commander deck will complete the series starting with Midnight Hunt, which includes two new 100 pre-made decks with vampires and spirits. Continuing the Midnight Hunt is the trend of wizards inserting cards dedicated to the commander in the series and collector’s booster packs, which can’t be found anywhere else. These cards include wedding rings, which are a new white artifact that can be used for additional draws, and the action usually does not have this color.

Crimson Vow will be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena on November 11, and the pre-release event will begin on November 12 in the local game store. The official release of the physical version will be one week after November 19th.

This is all the big news of today’s “Magic: The Gathering: The Gathering Innistrad: Crimson Pledge” announced today! Let us know what you think of the new series. Is your goal to pull that incredible Kojima Ayami like I did? Tell us what you think in the comments below!