Magic: The Gathering Universe expands upside down in Stranger Things’ secret hideaway

Wizards of the Coast and Netflix are joining forces this year with a new partnership Stranger Things Magic: For the gathering. Introduced on Wednesday as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week event, the characters and locations of the 80’s sci-fi / horror series will be available in cardboard form through the new Universe Beyond Secret Rare Drop.

Geeked Week moderators Rahul Kohli and Mari Takahashi presented two works of art featuring the powerful psychokinesis Eleven and the iconic alphabet wall of the Buyers’ house.I still don’t know what these cards do, but they must have a taste of Eldritch and another world. Stranger Things Is known for. Eleven is very likely to be a legendary creature designed for Commander, Magic’s most popular casual format.

The February announcement introduced the concept of Universes Beyond, an initiative to bring the world and characters into the game system from outside Magiccanon. Other franchises that will be incorporated in the near future include Warhammer 40,000 via a series of commander decks. Lord of the Ring, Get the complete expansion set. Last year, the idea was piloted with an alternative art card featuring Godzilla and the first mechanically unique secret hideaway sports character. walking Dead..

Partnerships between these entities have existed in the past due to the crucial role that D & D plays in the Netflix series. Stranger Things A pen and paper RPG-themed product. Magic: The Gathering World and Character-Based Streaming Giants’ work also includes an anime series.

Over time, which member Stranger Things Whether the cast, a location around Hawkins, Indiana, or upside down joins Eleven and Buyers’ homes with this secret hideaway release. No date announced yet, but may be released near the launch of the first D & D Magic Set, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Adventure. Some of the cards in the July set can be checked here. I will. Netflix also partnered with Hi-Rez Studio Stranger Things To smile.

Feel free to make noise with comments from any event, place, or people Stranger Things Will make a cool magic card.