Magic: The Gathering’s latest series is a black city for crime families

Entering the cyber future, a new Magic set, New Cape Napier, will go into the past. The real world of our past is like that. The latest entry, which draws on gangster and black metropolis tales, details five diabolical crime families — the Broker, Obscura, Master, Riveter and Cabareti — battling against a dwindling group known as the “Halo” control of magical resources. If you’re not ready to put on a suit or cocktail dress and rub shoulders with the magic gangster, you’ll be able to get even more of the mood as more cards will be destroyed each day from now on to release.

The series will hit MTG Arena on April 28, one day ahead of its global paper release on April 29. You can also wave early to the party, a pre-sale event starting April 22.