Magic: The Gathering’s Strixhaven settings in D & D in new book

With Dungeons & Dragons Magic: The Gathering There is another crossover event scheduled for later this year. Strixhaven: Chaotic Curriculum Is the latest in a D & D book that allows players to enjoy role-playing adventures in the world. magic.Senior Designer of Wizards of the Coast Amanda Hamon Become the protagonist of the story. Campaign settings will not start until November 16th, but fans will get a preview on June 8th.

Strixhaven magic Multiverse debuted in April Strixhaven: School of MagesA complete set of cards provides fans with more than just another random corner of the vast universe. Instead, it feels like you’re trying to focus a new story on the original collection card game. Strix Haven Asks a lot of interesting questions: What if all the spells known in the universe were stored in one place? A powerful young man who was hungry for knowledge and gathered sexy coeducational students. What if you were a magician? And what if one of the professors had a secret double life?

Fans will be able to preview some of the new rules for character creation on June 8th. Around that time, the publisher Wizards of the Coast will release a new playtest material titled Unearthed Arcana: Mages of Strixhaven. Fans can experiment with these rules and send feedback that will ultimately affect the final version of the book.

Strixhaven: Chaotic Curriculum The latest in a long line of similar crossover campaign settings.The series started in 2016 Plain shift: Zendi car, Now available for free download.Following that book Plane Shift: Innistrad, Plain shift: Amonkhet, Plain shift: Kaladesh And Plain shift: Ixalan — All of these are free downloads. Publishers began charging for these types of products in 2018. Guild Master Ravnica Guide..

Of course, the crossover is bidirectional.You can expect Magic: The Gathering Adventure in the Forgotten Realm — A full set of cards starring writer RA Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden — July.