Mammals reappear in the new Splatoon 3 trailer

Today, the 40-minute Nintendo Direct held a large number of announcements for fans of company franchises like Kirby, although some of the news was leaked before the presentation. The penultimate spot of today’s show is filled by Splatoon 3, which provides details of upcoming title settings, main and special weapons, and a creepy new focus of the story.

Nintendo revealed that Splatoon 3 will land on the Switch during its February live broadcast in 2022. The information has not been updated because today’s show repeats the 2022 release window, but it does not imply a date when fans can expect the title. The presentation did promise to provide more information, and we can “look forward to future updates.” However, Nintendo Direct does provide us with more information about the content of the game. After the action-packed trailer you can see above, a “Squid Researcher”-wearing a formal-looking white lab coat-walks up to the stage to break down the various elements seen in the lens.

Splatoon 3 will take place in the metropolis named Splatsville, also known as the City of Chaos. The crowded population will continue to gather upwards, giving the site a clear verticality. The city is surrounded by Splatlands and this place is famous for its squid and octopus natives.

Splatoon 3 will not drastically change some of the most famous features in the series. The two four-man teams will still be able to decide the outcome and color the city with their own colors. However, there will be new ways to win this colorful battle, including a grappling hook device that resembles inky black. Perhaps the most noticeable change has to do with the game’s story mode, which is titled The Return of Mammals. Little is known about what effect the mammalian revival will have on the game, but the end of the trailer does show that an Inkling becomes some kind of furry creature.