Mario Golf: Super Rush Review-Teed for Speed

Mario Kart and Mario Tennis players understand that as the cast of Nintendo characters permeates the sport, it embraces the spirit of the game and brings it to mind with power-ups, unique character abilities, and ridiculous courses. I am. Golf games are patient, but as Mario and the company step up to the tees of Mario Golf Super Rush, the sport’s unique take injects foot racing, battle modes, and special abilities, slowing the pace. It’s rare. Often a chaotic result.

At Mario Golf Super Rush, the core mechanics of golf are shining. It’s easy for anyone to line up shots, use in-game measurement tools to determine the required distance, and enter the backswing. Choosing the power of a shot is done with the push of a button, and you can use intuitive commands on each stroke to add subtle effects such as spins and curves. I’ve found trees standing on the road to the green many times, but by shaping the shot I had the option of wrapping the ball around the tree or floating it up and landing on the other side. .. Thanks to streamlined controls, nailing such a perfect shot happens on a regular basis, but it’s hard to see the ball curving around a tree and landing perfectly where it’s aimed. It’s not very satisfying.

Obviously, the goal is to put the ball on the fairway or green, but if you find yourself elsewhere, whether rough, sand trap, or worse, with those factors , Topography, take into account. Where the ball is is affected by distance, trajectory, and how the ball bends from the club. Once you get to the green, it’s as easy as lining up shots. Again, consider the slope of the surface and adjust the timing of the meter to apply the correct amount of power. The tools you have at your disposal allow the core golf mechanic to enjoy it from time to time and continuously, laying a great foundation for more deviations from traditional golf formulas. Mario Golf: Super Rush embraces traditional sports, but destination modes such as speed golf and battle golf (both can be played online) add a unique and entertaining twist to proven officials. I am.

In speed golf, you tee off with up to three opponents, take part in a foot race to where the ball lands, and then make your next swing. The goal is to get the ball into the hole, but instead of spending time lining up the shots, you have time to worry. Each stroke adds 30 seconds to the course time and the player with the shortest time wins the podium. When sprinting to the ball, you need to consider the best route, stamina meter, and obstacles on the course. However, the most fun part of the mode is when special shots and dashes begin to mess with your character. Golfers are usually one of the most respected and chivalry athletes, but in these modes everything goes out of the window. Blasting someone with your special dash is simply not negligible fun. However, the biggest weakness of Speed ​​Golf is that this factor is not fully understood. Often, the running part of this mode feels fine and the action feels like a filler between strokes. Thankfully, for those who like more chaotic elements, there’s Battle Golf.

Battle Golf has the mission of sinking three holes first and drops you into the arena with other players in non-linear free for all mode. The stadium is full of environmental traps and weapons that players can use with each other. Bombing nearby rivals with Bomb soldiers as they try to line up putts is unsatisfactory. The holes disappear after the first player sinks them, so you need to be strategic about which flagpole to target and the path to follow for each. In addition to the dangers of chain chops, thwomps, bobb-ombs, etc., players use special shots to electrocut other players, turn the ball into an inaccurate Yoshi egg, and even boo their shots. You can take it off the course. .. For every half bar that speed golf takes, Battle Golf goes all-in and offers my favorite mode in the Mario Golf: Super Rush Package.

Unfortunately, another major attraction of Mario Golf is that Super Rush doesn’t fully realize its potential. Acting as both a tutorial and a linear story mode with light RPG elements, Single Player Golf Adventure is a great place to start your Mario Golf journey if you want to learn the basics, but the glow quickly disappears. This mode can be skipped as it tends to spotlight various non-stimulating variations of speed golf, repetitive boss battles, and completely frustrating modes. In one section you will move to a large open course with some non-linear holes like battle golf. This is a solo version for reaching higher areas using stroke limits and tornadoes. If you don’t hit these tornadoes at the right angle, or if you miss the tornado and land at your feet, then basically an attempt is made to waste valuable strokes back to the correct angle. If you add a completely unwanted story as a background, it’s better to stick to standalone mode.

Despite the overwhelming nature of story mode, Mario Golf: Super Rush offers a lot of golf wonders. Mario Golf: Super Rush has a strong foundation and multiple fun ways to play, and continues the long tradition of Nintendo sports games by having fun, regardless of the actual sports fandom. ..