Mario Kart Tour Version 2.13.0 Now Available (Patch Notes)

Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android devices received an update today, bringing the game to version 2.13.0. This update addresses some known issues and some bug fixes. Mario Kart Tour is currently on the Yoshi Tour, which includes the classic Nintendo 64 course Yoshi Valley. Check out the full patch notes for the updates below:

  • Fixed known issues.
    • Some players may experience screen flickering on certain devices during matches.
    • In-game graphics may not display correctly if the device’s language is set to Turkish or Azerbaijani.
    • If you select the Mii Racing Suit prior to the race and then go to the store to redeem the Mii Racing Suit from the kart or glider selection screen, the extra points you earn for the Mii Racing Suit may not reflect on the “Ready to Race!” screen.