Mario party superstar brought back the tug-of-war game and issued a warning

Mario party Super star Bringing back a small game from 23 years ago-and a warning of an analog joystick reminiscent of the old N64 controller.

Tug o’War is a one-to-three game. Players can rotate the joystick to pull the rope. It is one of the 100 mini-games launched. Super star next week. In the past, children would wrap wooden sticks faster with their flat palms, eventually simulating the burning of a rope.

Parents complained that their children had blisters, bruises, friction burns and cuts while playing tug-of-war Mario party. New York State Attorney General ( About to fall out of favor, Elliott Spitzer, who is about to become former governor) Participate.

As CNET reported As early as 2002, Spitzer’s office negotiated an agreement with Nintendo to provide everyone with four (4) pairs of sports gloves. Mario party Want their owner. (This request must be accompanied by some rather cumbersome proof of ownership and purchase information.) It is believed that few parents actually accept this proposal from Nintendo. Fewer than 100 people complained directly to Nintendo.

Never seemed to have issued a warning Mario party Earlier. (Kotaku pointed out Another small game, Pedal Power, has the same joystick input function; it is not included in Superstar, However. ) At that time, CNET said that the recording of the Nintendo Hotline in the United States Mario party “It is recommended that players avoid injury by manipulating the joystick with their thumb and index finger instead of the palm.” New idea!

Warning for tug-of-war Mario Party Superstar Explicitly say “Don’t rotate [the stick] Use the palm of your hand. “But the children of the 2000s remember that in the cold, cruel world Mario party, Without participating in the trophy, you must be willing to sacrifice a hand. Now that they have grown up, I hope they can pass this lesson on to the next generation.

Mario Party Superstar Nintendo Switch was launched on October 29.