Marvel Avengers stops selling XP boosters after players refuse

Marvel Avengers The short attempt to sell XP boosters has ended. In a message posted to the game’s Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon, its developer apologized for not responding to fans’ strong protest against the decision in time, and announced that by the end of the day, Hero Catalyst and Shard Extractor will no longer be available in the in-game market .

“We apologize for not responding quickly to your concerns about adding paid consumables to the Marketplace,” The statement read“We introduced them as an option for an evolving player base and did not treat them as pay-to-win because they do not directly provide power.”

Before deciding to sell these items with hero points, The Avengers‘Premium currency can only be obtained by using real money. Hero Catalyst and Fragment Extractor are consumables, obtained through the game and provide XP and in-game currency for purchasing upgrades. Selling them for real money allowed the developers to previously stated their intention to sell cosmetics only for cash. It may be foreseeable that the fans are not happy.

Now, nearly a month later, this decision has been overturned, and by the end of the day, Hero Catalyst and Shard Extractor will once again be obtained only through the game.

This is the latest mistake in an unfortunately bumpy game, and there may be more: its developers promised a raid and the arrival of Spider-Man (for PlayStation users) before the end of the year, and it will come soon.