Marvel Future Avengers Preview-Marvel’s New Mobile Action / RPG Details

Whether it’s Insomniac’s beloved Spider-Man game or the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy title for Eidos-Montréal, there’s never been a better time to become a Marvel game fan. In addition to the few triple A console and PC titles coming out recently and in the future, if you want a quicker hit experience, you can dive into the world of mobile gaming. With titles such as the turn-based hero collector Marvel Strike Force and the ever-expanding fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions, mobile players also have several options. One of these options later this year as Netmarble, the team behind Action / RPG Marvel Future Fight, has returned to one-up with a brand new open-world action / RPG for mobile devices called Marvel Future Revolution. It is expanding.

First unveiled at PAX East 2020, Marvel Future Revolution takes the concept of the Multiverse to a new level, where multiple Earths of different realities converge to create a single “primary Earth”. Written by Marvel Comics writer Mark Smerak, the story begins with Vision using a convergence engine to sacrifice itself and prevent the destruction of a newly unified world. This locks the world together and brings together different pockets of reality.


Heroes and villains

This event brings together heroes of all kinds of different realities, but also a large alliance of villains. Now the new hero needs to work together as Omega Flight to stop the villains who are trying to get up and take advantage of the situation. At launch, the player can choose from eight different heroes when fighting evil forces. When the game becomes available, the roster will include Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Storm, and Starlord. When you launch Marvel Future Revolution for the first time, you can select and play all eight of these heroes without having to unlock them.

Not surprisingly, its roster grows over time (although Netmarble’s other Marvel game, Marvel Future Fight, currently has over 200 characters, Scopely’s Marvel Strike Force roster is rapidly growing. We are approaching that milestone). In fact, by the end of the year, new playable characters will be on the Marvel Future Revolution roster.

Marvel Future Avengers

Each character has a symbolic look, but can also be fully customized with different outfit combinations. You can replace individual costume components for each character’s body, hands, feet, and head. Netmarble wants to offer the possibility of over 400 million different costume combinations for each hero with this combination and combination capabilities. In addition to costumes inspired by known moments in comic books, players can also look forward to costumes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and original costumes inspired by different parts of the world of the game (more on this later). To do).

Of course, without a coalition of powerful villains to stop, you don’t need a large team of heroes. In the footage I saw, iconic villains such as Thanos, Red Skull, Maestro, Ultron, Kingpin, MODOK, Yellow Jacket, and Loki confronted the army of heroes. These heroes and villains collide and clash in different parts of this new Primary Earth, offering a unique area from the Marvel Comics Pantheon.


Marvel Future Avengers

New Stark City

Revolutionary arena

Now that you know all about the characters that flash across the screen, what about where you can visit? After all, this is not some normal version of the Earth where these battles are taking place. In fact, Marvel and Netmarble were able to dig deeper and bend their creative muscles using the settings available in the game.

Marvel Future Avengers


“We sat down when we first met and started writing places, characters, etc. that Marvel fans dreamed of having access to,” says Bill Rhodesman, vice president of creatives at Marvel Games. “Usually in the story, you can travel to Zander, travel to Sakar, or experience Hydra America through a time warp. It was a dream. All popular characters, these based on popular stories. How can you bring your place? Gather cool villains and allow them to move from one to the next. For new Marvel fans, it looks cool and it’s fun to explore this fantasy world. But if you’re a longtime Marvel fan, I say that amount-I don’t call them Easter Eggs-it’s a Marvel ingredient that fills every corner. “

Marvel Future Avengers


At launch, players can battle between five regions, each with their own striking visual style. The Hydra Empire asks the question, “What if Hydra took over and ruled after World War II?” This allows players to enter the scenario while fighting the parts controlled by Hydra in the United States. Second, Midgardia is where Asgard survivors built Asgard cities on Earth. Next is New Stark City, a technologically advanced metropolis built by Tony Stark. The new Stark City is home to many of the world’s best scientists, not just Omega Flight. In the Earth version of Sakar, you’ll fight a desert wasteland full of maestro-controlled arenas. Finally, Zander Earth arrives at Primary Earth from the reality that Thanos destroyed it and survivors moved to Earth to create a new capital.

Marvel Future Avengers

Hydra Empire

“I thought about Starlord, Storm, Spider-Man, and Captain America characters. Does that make more sense to them because of the environment drawn from their history?” Roseman says. “In the story, there may be more personal connections, such as starting the game when Captain America entered the Hydra Empire. He’s defeating Skull. We just made a great hit. We just started writing great things. Stories, great characters, great places, and we knew we could choose and choose. In this story, the whole world, and different There is nothing to prevent us because not only the world, but all the different realities are together. We have just opened the entire Marvel toy box to us. “

Marvel Future Avengers


Within these regions, combat takes place in a variety of game modes, providing players with additional ways to interact with the content, as well as more rewards.


Mobile heroic

The list of heroes and regions is always intriguing to catch up, but the most important aspect is how to play the game. Netmarble uses the virtual cross key rule because it’s an action-based game rather than a turn-based or passive one like Marvel Strike Force. No matter where you place your finger on the left side of the screen, it will look like this: You can guide the character by sliding your finger or thumb in any direction. Then you can choose the skill you want the hero to use in the ability wheel.

“How it works depends on how proficient you are at a given combination of active skills,” says Jolly, executive producer at Netmarble. “The best thing about this game is that it contains a lot of flying superheroes, so it includes all the flying elements that players can actually attack from sky to ground and from ground to sky. It will be a unique selling point for this game. “

Play further to level up your hero through various progression systems. In addition to traditional leveling, players can also add gear, but some costumes are more than they look and provide additional functionality and efficiency in combat. Through various modes, you can plunder gear and materials and acquire that gear for your hero.

Marvel Future Avengers

In addition to the single player story campaign, players can expect several different modes at launch. Blitz and Raid offer a four-player co-op PvE scenario to fight bosses and supervillains like Thanos and Ultron. Special operations provide another four-player co-op experience, but all characters have balanced statistics and specifications to provide an even playing field. Special operations have the goal of saving civilians detained in combat zones or missions based on purposes such as wave-based defense.

Omega War confuses experience and offers PvP between two teams of 10 players. This can last 4-10 minutes in chaotic mode until Netmarble tells us about the dark zone. In the dark zone, players can join 50 players for free. The Dark Zone provides players with some of the best loot, but you are competing with up to 49 other players and participating in both PvE and PvP battles. You can enter with solos, friends, or guilds while playing against other players, enemies, bosses, and monsters to secure some of the best loot that Marvel Future Avengers offers.


Marvel Future Avengers

Spend money to save the day?

Of course, being a free-to-play mobile game often raises terrible or exploitative microtransaction concerns. That’s a natural fear for players, but Netmarble feels it’s a healthy balance with its monetization. “Character unlocking is free and will remain free in the future,” says Lee. “When it comes to the” free-to-play “type of games, many people have different ideas about it. From our experience, we always know that at least 97 or 98 percent of all the players we get will remain free. Still, I want those players to enjoy the game as much as possible. “

“In general, let’s just say it’s fair,” says Danny Kuu, production director at Marvel Games. “We are not considering competition like free-to-play players and paid players. The goal of the game is to equalize the arenas on both sides of the player.”

That’s certainly nice to hear from developers, but given that so many mobile games work, players are skeptical of microtransactions in games that they can play for free. Marble Future Revolution has so many PvP modes and elements that Netmarble faces big challenges before that, but the company is confident in how gameplay works.

“We don’t want to go deep [microtransactions adding stat boosts to characters]”The gameplay we offer actually involves a lot of players who know the right kind of combo at the right time, such as in boss battles, etc. We have invested a lot in the game. Even if you do, you can’t win the day without knowing how to play the game properly. That’s the basic philosophy we wanted to build on. “

Future plan

Marvel Future Avengers

See the future

Marvel Future Revolution seems to have a strong foundation for future launches, but like most mobile games, the experience continues to evolve. Players can play with new heroes in different modes, as well as new villains. These new characters also come with new content, new regions, new scenarios, and special events related to what’s happening in other parts of Marvel’s massive entertainment empire. Marvel Future Revolution will be released on iOS and Android later this year. Pre-registration will start on June 29th.