Marvel Galaxy Game Guardian Offers Streaming Mode To Avoid DMCA Music Strikes

DMCA music strikes have become an even bigger problem in the last few years. In games like the Guardians of the Galaxy, centered around the famous oldies, there is growing concern about streamers. One way studios deal with content limitations was to provide a specially tuned streaming mode that allows creators to securely share their playing experience with the community without fear of strikes. Eidos Montreal provides a streaming mode for upcoming Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy games, giving players a way to stream without worrying about the results.

In a new interview with Venture Beat, Senior Narrative Director Mary Demar talked a bit about how music will play a role in future Guardians games, including classic hits that fans can expect, such as how the soundtrack will be acquired. .. “Everything from Iron Maiden to Rick Astley, Kiss, Wham and Blondie,” she told the site.

“It’s fun to use music in games. Of course, it’s used as part of a movie or to liven up a drama in some scenes. You can take part in big battles and listen to great songs like this: Yes, because the “final countdown” matches the story, but at the same time there are two unique uses. For one, in Milan, there is a moment when the story takes you to the ship and hangs out. There is a jukebox in Milan where you can explore and choose the songs you want to listen to. You can hang out and listen to the songs as you like. “”

When the site asked about streaming mode, she said, “Someone can get the right answer for you,” not the right person to ask. The correct answer comes from a spokesperson for Eidos Montreal saying: TechRadar There is a streaming mode that disables all licensed music. This addition allows players to advance the story without worrying about automated DMCA strikes, especially on Twitch.

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