Marvel Multiverse Tabletop RPG Announced, Official Rulebook Announced Next Year

Are you a Marvel fan, tabletop RPG enthusiast, and want to throw dice with your friends around the table and experience your favorite comics world? Marvel multi-verse role-playing game for you It may be perfect. In the newly announced board game, players can step into Marvel’s best champion boots or create their own heroes to fight the comic’s biggest and worst villains.

The game itself won’t be on the shelves until 2023, but the official rulebook says Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: Playtest Rulebook, First sold in March 2022. This book was written and co-designed by the author, Matt Forbeck. Marvel Encyclopedia And Dungeons & Dragons: Endless Quest, And introduce the game’s D616 system (of course named after Earth-616) to players. The press release does not explain exactly what the system is, but explains that it is a “natural evolution” to existing tabletop rules and is “simple and easy to learn” for newcomers to this genre. doing.

As a manga, the rulebook is packed with colorful illustrations by various manga artists. Features profiles of heroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Kamala Khan, Captain Marvel, Wolverine and Storm.

Marvel hopes that the release of the rulebook at this early stage will allow fans to provide feedback on the game before the full release of the following year. The company plans to release more information about the Playtest Rulebook this fall.

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