Marvel releases official Doctor Strange trailer in the crazy multiverse

Followed by Spider-Man: Nowhere to goMarvel Pictures released a trailer for it a week ago The much-anticipated sequel to Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse.

The following is “Nowhere to Go” spoilers…

Well, just in case you missed the nice spoiler warning above, I think I will write some extra sentences here for those whose eyes may be hovering slightly downwards. I want to write one more sentence for those wandering eyes, because I care about you and don’t want you to be spoiled by things you don’t want to be spoiled.

Okay, enter the multiverse below.

If you only watched one of the many trailers No way home, You know that it has a problem with the spell cast by Doctor Strange, and said that the spell opened up the multiverse. This is how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man can fight the villains seen in previous Spider-Man movies, such as the Green Goblin, Dr. Oak, and Electron. As far as multiverse containment is concerned, everything is going well by the end of the film, but anyone who insists on the final credits scene knows that Doctor Strange will not say that.

In fact, this is a measure that Marvel Studios has never used, because Captain America: The First Avenger, The final credits scene No way home Not even the actual ending scene-it’s a complete trailer Doctor Strange in the crazy multiverse. Today, Marvel Studios has released that trailer to the public, there is no No way home Tickets are required.

The trailer echoes something said by a cautious man Yellow exist No way home Who doesn’t want Strange to mess up will eventually open up the spell of the multiverse.Then it shows Strange’s meeting with Wanda Maximoff, whom we haven’t seen since the finale Wanda VisionThe Disney Plus show described the events that took place in Westview as causing Wanda’s Doctor Strange 2, But the doctor quickly put it aside. He is not angry with her-he needs her help to restore the multiverse.

From here, the trailer goes crazy in one way Doctor Strange Movies are fine.We saw and heard Modo, a character that has not appeared since the end of 2016 Doctor Strange, We saw the strange supreme, the more evil Stephen Strange who first appeared on the Disney Plus show Marvel’s if?

This is a wild trailer, best to watch after watching No way home, But if you can’t resist, or you’ve already seen it, we want to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you think of the trailer in the comments below!