Marvel’s Avengers adds paid XP boosters, angering players

Marvel Avengers As part of the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics game updates launched on Thursday, XP boosters are now being sold-paid consumables called Hero’s Catalysts in the gaming market.This change is not suitable Marvel Avengers Players, they say that developers have broken their promises and only provide paid micro-transactions for cosmetics, such as skins and other decorations.

Latest patch Marvel Avengers The in-game market has been updated to add a consumable category, which now sells the hero’s catalyst and fragment extractor, Two consumables already in the gamePreviously, the market only sold cosmetics, such as clothing and facial expressions.

“You can use 100 points to buy a consumable that lasts for 1 day, 250 points to buy a consumable for three days, or 500 points to buy a consumable that lasts for 7 days,” The developer explained on their blog Announce market changes. (Square Enix currently sells a pack of 500 points for $4.99, while the most expensive bundle is $99.99 and provides 13,000 points.)

Image: Crystal Power/Square Enix

The purchase of new consumables for the game quickly angered some players Marvel Avengers Player group, who said Square Enix and Crystal Power”Undermine player trust” with”Fulfilment mechanism“By selling consumables. Many people pointed out that the game’s recent addition to Xbox Game Pass was a catalyst for selling expendable XP boosters to new audiences.

Marvel Avengers‘The consumable XP booster follows the experience gained in the game launched by Crystal Dynamics earlier this year. In March, the developers stated that they were slowing down the rate of XP acquisition (hence, the speed at which players can upgrade Avengers heroes) to avoid overwhelming players.

“The problem we saw and heard is that before starting the next task and getting the next few levels, you will immediately gain more skill points than you have time to review, apply, and get used to,” Crystal Power said at the time.

More importantly, for the angered players, it seems that the developers and publishers have broken their promises. “We also promised content that can be purchased with real money Marvel Avengers It will be just an aesthetic supplement, which will ensure that we can keep the game fresh in the years to come,” Crystal Dynamics stated in August 2020, Just before the game is released.

Polygon has contacted the publisher Square Enix for comment and will update it when the company responds.