Marvel’s Avengers allows you to play as a permanent duplicate hero

4 hulks or 4 iron man Marvel Avengers, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced last week..Allowed tachyon anomalous events MarvelAvengers Players who play as multiple versions of the same hero in a grouped state are becoming a permanent feature of the game.The studio is a game preWar for Wakanda An extended roadmap that includes permanently overlapping heroes, the game’s first “Omega-level threat”, and a multiplayer megahive.

In April, Crystal Dynamics hosted the Tachyon Anomaly event. This allows players to play at the same party as multiples of the same hero. Outside of the event, players can only have one hero in a team of four. The event lasted only two weeks, but created a more flexible group environment. With the July update of the game, the Tachyon Anomaly event will be a permanent feature, allowing fans to group with their favorite hero executives, even if they have two talls instead of one.

Marvel Avengers Update Roadmap
Image: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix

The star of the July update is Marvel Avengers The first omega level threat. This is considered to be the raid of the game. The first omega-level threat was “family reunion”, Marvel Avengers Blogs call this “the toughest content ever”. The mission features another battle with Super Adaptoid enemies, but it actually has some new abilities to test the Avengers.

Players can also dive into the Megahive with their friends from July. Megahive is one of the most rewarding mission types in the game, where players circulate playable heroes every time they die. However, the missions are also very long, so tagging the new multiplayer version with friends will reduce the loneliness of the mode.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have changed the “Additional Content and Features” section of the roadmap to “Under Development”. this is, War for Wakanda Expansion. That section now includes more Omega-level threat missions, patrol modes, increased power levels, and new war zones and assignments in wastelands.

This news comes after the June update of the game introduced a nasty bug that caused the PS5 player’s IP address to appear on the screen while playing.TheĀ· Marvel Avengers The team finally patched the issue.

The July update is the last month of the game update, before the new War for Wakanda expansion begins in August. Expansions include Black Panther as a playable hero, new stories, Wakanda Jungle Biomes, new outposts to explore, new missions, new enemies like Claw, and many new cosmetics.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will be updated in July or War for Wakanda Expansion.