Marvel’s Avengers gets paid XP boosters, but not everyone is happy about it

Marvel’s Avengers’ drag on Steam is still serious—its average number of concurrent players over the past 30 days is just over 800—but the recent addition to Xbox Game Pass has given it a real boost on other platforms. This is not surprising: after all, people are generally more likely to play free games than games that cost $40.

However, contrary to the increase in goodwill you might expect, a large part of the player community is very unhappy. The problem is that shortly after the emergence of Game Pass, Square Enix began selling consumable XP boosters in the game, with prices ranging from 100 to 500 points. A pack of 500 points is priced at $5.

pass through Reddit:

(Image source: Square Enix)

There are two main reasons players feel uneasy about this. First, the developers increased the difficulty in March—that is, slowed down the upgrade process—and secondly, this contradicted the studio’s promise made in June 2019, namely, Marvel’s Avengers. “There will be no random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios.”